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In Peru, the police came to search the president's booth through Rolex (video)

Photo: Dina Boluarte

Police of Peru searched the office of the country's official president, Dina Boluarte, as part of an investigation that was called “Rolexgate”. This is reported by Sky News.

It began after journalists paid tribute to the luxurious Rolex vintage watch that the politician wore at public appearances, starting from the moment she took office in 2022. After which, a representative of the control agency informed that a declaration about Maino Boluart had been issued for the remaining two years.

30 years ago, a heavy operation was carried out by the police and the prosecutor’s office, as broadcast by the local television Bachennya. The government of Peru has already called Saturday’s raid “unconstitutional,” and Prime Minister of Puru Gustavo Adriansen said that it has a negative impact on investment in the country.

Boluarte herself said that Rolex, which the magazine noted isti , she bought for a thousand pennies, which she earns from 18 years.

Prepared by: Serhiy Daga

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