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The programmers told how to speed up the laptop

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

Programmers told how it is possible speed up your laptop

Don't throw away your old laptop until you've tried these speed-boosting methods first.

A slow laptop can make you buy a new one, but you should try these tips before you give up, because improving the performance of your old laptop can extend its life by several years and prevent it from ending up in the landfill.

So, first restart the laptop. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

This is cliché for a reason. At least today this trick is even more relevant. A modern laptop is reliable and can be put into an efficient sleep mode to save energy. There's no reason to disable it unless you're installing Windows updates or troubleshooting.

Check your Internet connection. Most likely, most of the tasks you do regularly on your laptops that require an Internet connection. Web browsing, data streaming, and online gaming require a stable connection. A slow Internet connection can slow performance.

Free up RAM. Your laptop's RAM, or RAM, is its short-term memory. It keeps track of active programs and the data they need. A laptop that lacks RAM instead has to fetch data directly from the hard drive, which takes longer even with a modern solid-state drive.

Free up space on your hard drive.  Your hard drive is your laptop's long-term memory, and it can also cause problems when it fills up to failure. Of course, you will not be able to install new programs and you may notice a general malaise.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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