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The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain revealed the features of the Challenger 3 tank (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

The British Ministry of Defense revealed the features of the Challenger 3 tank (video)

The British military is to receive 148 Challenger 3s, which should become the deadliest tanks in the history of the British army.

Minister of Defense of Great Britain Grant Shapps talked about the features of the British Challenger 3 tank. The corresponding video was published on the page of a government official in X (formerly Twitter).

Challenger 3 — this is a deep modernization of the Challenger 2 tank. The car is called the first all-British tank in 22 years. Modernization works are taking place in Telford, which involves 300 specialists. The tank is called the deadliest in the history of the Royal Army.

In total, the British Army will receive 148 Challenger 3 tanks. The contractor is RBSL — the Rheinmetall concern and BAE Systems. It is known that the first prototype was recently shown in Germany, where it underwent certain factory tests.

“In a more dangerous world, the need for combat vehicles such as the Challenger 3 is imperative as threats, from faced by the United Kingdom are developing”, – Shapps said.

Britain's newest tank is to receive advanced booking, a new gun that will make it compatible with other western tanks. Previously, a 120-mm rifled gun with special HESH ammunition was installed on the Challenger 2. In the new iteration of the tank, the gun will be replaced with a smoothbore L55A1, which will make it compatible with most of the NATO projectiles.

The Challenger 3 is expected to have the Trophy active defense system, which should neutralize the threat entering the battlefield. The engine, suspension and other parts of the car's chassis will also undergo changes.

Natasha Kumar

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