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It united all air defense in Crimea: what is known about the destroyed system “Fundament-M”

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

Unified all air defense in Crimea: what is known about the destroyed system

As a result of the attack on the Dzhankoya airfield on April 17, the Russians lost the “Fundament-M” airspace surveillance equipment. It is the only control system for air defense units of the Russian army.

Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military and political observer of the “Information Resistance” group, told Channel 24 that this system combined all air defense systems in Crimea. However, it did not cope with its purpose.

What is known about “Fundament-M”

Very little is known about “Fundament-M”, because, according to Kovalenko, for Russians – this is a unique case when, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they created something new, without analogues in the world in the context of radar systems, radio-technical combat.

What is known about this system is that it combines the interaction of all air defense systems, that is, anti-aircraft missile systems, into a single network, – noted a military and political observer.

Its importance for Russians

In Dzhankoya, on Cape Tarkhankut and the 18th anti-aircraft missile regiment of Russia is stationed in the Feodosia region. Through “Fundament-M” they united all the launchers and radar stations located there.

The Russians, according to Kovalenko, use not just two different control radars, for example 92Н2Е, which has limited functionality, as well as 91Н6Е. These different systems must be synchronized. The Russians have only one copy of the last complex for the entire regiment.

“The Fundament-M2 system was not supposed to simply unite them as an element of interaction, but to synchronize any reaction and those threats coming from Ukraine in the direction of the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula. The day before, this system “successfully” coped with the combat task”, noted the military-political observer.

Natasha Kumar

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