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The French army will receive tankers of a new generation with an armored cabin

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

French the army will receive tankers of a new generation with an armored cabin

The French procurement agency (DGA) has officially signed a contract with Arquus for the development and production of a new generation of tankers, known as CCNG (Camion-Citerne Nouvelle Génération ).


This contract reinforces Arquus' role as a key player in the development and production of armored logistics vehicles for the French Army.

An initial batch of 70 vehicles is scheduled for delivery starting in 2026 as part of a wider program aimed at to provide 376 tankers of a new generation by 2030. This schedule is consistent with the current law on military programs (2024-2030).

These new tankers are designed for various types of armed forces, including ground forces, aerospace forces and the operational energy service. They are designed to meet the specific requirements of reliability and versatility required for their missions. As a critical element of the logistics chain, these tankers ensure the supply of fuel in difficult and sometimes extreme conditions, contributing to the success of military operations.

The CCNG fleet will have three versions to adapt to different mission needs:

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  • CCNG mass transport: a tank with a volume of 20 m³ with an armored cabin;
  • CCNG protection device: tank 12 m³ with an armored cabin;
  • Universal unprotected CCNG: a tank with a volume of 12 m³ with a soft cabin.
  • The new generation tankers are based on the 8×8 high-speed chassis from the civilian Renault Trucks line. Arquus uses its extensive experience in this field and its collaboration with Magyar, a company that designs and manufactures tankers, and Desautel, a fire protection specialist with experience in distribution groups.

    Arquus will design and manufacture armored booths at its center of excellence in Garchis, France. Full assembly of these tankers will be carried out at the new center of advanced vehicle production in Limoges. This contract will also lead to the opening of a new conveyor line. Arquus was tasked with developing and providing a support system including tools, spare parts, documentation and training to service these vehicles. In addition, Arquus will provide support and technical management services for the fleet.

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