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North Korea showed off a missile with “new” technologies

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May19,2024

DPRK flaunted missile with "new&quot ; technologies

North Korea reported the launch of a “tactical ballistic missile with the use of a new autonomous navigation system”. Experts see this as an “advertising campaign” before Putin's visit.

North Korea announced another test of its ballistic missiles. As follows from the message of the North Korean state media published on Saturday, May 18, a “tactical ballistic missile using a new navigation system of autonomous control” was launched the day before.

The tests were personally observed by the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un, as evidenced by the photo and video materials distributed by propagandists in Pyongyang.

According to the state media, the test launch “confirmed the accuracy and reliability” of the autonomous navigation system, and the North Korean leader was “very satisfied with the result”.

No other details were given regarding the launch in Pyongyang.

Seoul reported a flight range of 300 km

The day before, South Korea reported that North Korea had launched several short-range ballistic missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan. According to South Korean military estimates, the missiles flew about 300 kilometers before falling into the sea.

Meanwhile, images released by North Korean propagandists show that operational-tactical ballistic missiles, known as Hwasong-11D, were being tested. The previously confirmed range of these missiles was 100-180 kilometers. One launcher of this complex can accommodate up to four missiles in transport-launch containers.

North Korea plays with its missile muscles and assures that the Russian Federation does not supply weapons

On the same day, North Korean propagandists released footage of Kim Jong-un's visits to North Korean defense enterprises – the last in his current “tour” of the facilities of the country's military-industrial complex showed the volume of production of launchers for Hwasong-18 solid-fuel ballistic missiles.

These events were preceded by a demonstration of the volume of production of launchers for the already mentioned Hwasong-11D, as well as 240-mm RSZV.

Shortly before the latest launch, Kim Jong-un's sister denied accusations by South Korea and the United States that North Korea was supplying Russia with weapons for use in the war against Ukraine. She made her statement despite the fact that earlier in Ukraine evidence was provided of Russia's use of about 50 North Korean ballistic missiles.

Experts do not rule out an “advertising campaign” for Putin

A number of experts have not ruled out that the latest demonstrations of North Korea's missile potential are an attempt to advertise the capabilities of its missiles before the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Pyongyang.

The weapons tests were probably intended to attract Putin's attention during his stay. in China, according to Ahn Chang-il, a defector researcher who heads the World Institute for North Korea Studies. “They want their country to be used as a military logistics base during Russia's ongoing war (against Ukraine. – Ed.),” the expert told AFP in an interview.

Earlier this year, Seoul did not ruled out that the DPRK's first group launches of 600-millimeter super-large multiple rocket launchers (MSRPs), known by Western classification as KN-25, conducted in March by North Korea could also be an opportunity to test the missiles in order to offer them for sale to Russia, wrote the business Bloomberg edition.

In 2022-2023, Russian militarists repeatedly praised these North Korean MLRS for their characteristics and wanted their use in the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine.

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