Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

The first smartphone with support 5 was released, 5G

At the beginning of 2024, China announced the launch of a new mobile communications standard, 5G-Advanced. The technology is also called 5GA or 5.5G. It turns out that there is already a smartphone that supports the new technology.

OPPO Find X7 flagship – the first smartphone with 5.5G support. This was announced by OPPO representative Pete Lau in his X (Twitter) account. He took a photo of the Find X7 smartphone, which displays the 5GA icon.

Then the company officially launched a teaser that confirms the compatibility of the device with the latest communication standard.

As China Mobile claims, the largest operator of communication in the world, 5.5G is 300% faster than conventional 5G. The data download speed can reach 10 Gbit/s. The OPPO Find X7 smartphone is currently the only one on the market with 5.5G support, but that will soon change. It is expected that major Chinese brands will either introduce new models compatible with 5GA or add support with an update to the latest flagships.

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