Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

The Ministry of Defense spoke about the advantages of the DELTA system, which is already setting trends for NATO countries

The DELTA system was developed according to NATO standards. If necessary, it is already possible to exchange data with partners in real time.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine informs about this.

The department noted that thanks to this development of the Innovation Center of the Ministry of Defense, the military plans operations and combat tasks, exchanges information on the placement of enemy forces in a protected space. DELTA — it is an ecosystem of military products that helps destroy enemy targets every day. It includes a mobile application, a military messenger, secure streaming from the battlefield, a digital map, work planning tools and integrations with other systems.

«Since Ukraine is the first in the world to actively fight with drones, the Ministry of Defense is working on the integration of various types of drones into DELTA, — emphasized in the department.

Also in the Ministry of Defense added that this will help to intelligently plan the use of drones — for example, which of them is better to use to defeat certain targets.

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