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>> a powerful performance of the national anthem of Ukraine/Collage of Radio MAXIMUM

March 10 is the Day of the National Anthem of Ukraine. The relevant holiday was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on December 7, 2021. Radio MAXIMUM has collected for you a video with the best performance of the Ukrainian slavn!

This date was not chosen by chance. On March 10, 1865, Przemyśl heard for the first time the composition of the composer Mykhailo Verbytskyi to the words of the poet Pavel Chubynskyi “Ukraine is not dead yet”. The music edition was officially adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

And a little about the history of the creation of the national anthem of Ukraine. It appeared thanks to Pavlov Chubynskyi, a Ukrainian ethnographer, folklorist and poet. In the autumn of 1862, he wrote a powerful poem “Ukraine is not dead yet”,which in a few years became the national and even later the national anthem of Ukraine!

The anthem of Ukraine is our powerful symbol of independence, freedom, love of freedom, indomitability, faith, as well as hope in our the state He can rightfully be called the soul of the Ukrainian nation. And now it can be heard in all corners of the world. Wherever there are Ukrainians and those who support us in resisting Russian aggression!

Radio MAXIMUM has prepared a selection for you. Listen to a powerful and piercing rendition of the national anthem of Ukraine, which gives you goosebumps!

The first recording of the national anthem of Ukraine in 1910: listen to a powerful rendition

Please note that in October 1910 in Cologne, Germany, the Gramophon company made the first recording of the anthem “Ukraine is not dead yet”. The prominent Ukrainian opera singer Modest Mentsynskyi took part in it.

DZIDZIO – Anthem of Ukraine: listen to the powerful performance of Mykhailo Khoma

It is a great honor for me to sing the National Anthem of Ukraine! In this performance, I put boundless love for my country to inspire Ukrainians all over the world to victory! Glory to Ukraine!
– commented the artist.

Please note that Mykhailo Khoma (DZIDZIO) performed the National Anthem of Ukraine for the first time in front of a wide audience at the Metalist Stadium in Kharkiv before the Ukraine-Lithuania football match in October 2019. With this, the musician impressed the audience at the stadium and blew up social networks with positive reviews. Subsequently, he was chosen as the Ambassador of the National Football Team of Ukraine.

KOLA performed the national anthem with the defender of Ukraine: watch the powerful video

“It was an honor to sing the anthem together today with Oleksandr Seleznev before the President's greeting. You have everything: joy and sadness, soulfulness and style, strength and compassion, tenderness and character, delicious food and kind people, talented, strong, courageous people! Today I perceive this holiday in a completely different way, not as before… All of us, Ukrainians, are like a single organism that today and always breathes in unison, may it always be so!” – the singer shared her emotions.

Performance of the national anthem of Ukraine on Independence Day 2019: powerful video

In 2019, during the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine, a solemn parade was held in the center of Kyiv. Also during it, the Ukrainian national anthem was performed by the band of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the band of the State Emergency Service, the military band of the border service, the band of the National Police and the band of the National Guard of Ukraine. Daryna Krasnovetska, Myroslav Skoryk, Alina Pash, Tina Karol and Ukrainians also joined in the performance of the anthem.

Yulia Sanina performed the national anthem before the match “Cluj” – “Dynamo”: watch the video

For the Independence Day of Ukraine in 2018, the band Okean Elsa performed the national anthem of Ukraine together with an audience of many thousands. Everyone around united in a single impulse, tearing from their lips the text that now inspires, charges and motivates each of us!

The anthem of Ukraine is a powerful symbol that unites Ukrainians and our loyal friends. Those who sincerely support Ukraine and those who live with it in their hearts. The national anthem of Ukraine is not only about perfect clean singing by notes. It is also about feelings, experiences and awe. Love and support. And thirst. I long to live in a free and independent Ukraine!

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