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A selection of powerful songs based on Shevchenko's poems that should be in your playlist

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar17,2024

A selection of powerful songs based on Shevchenko's poems that should be in your playlist

Listen to songs inspired by Shevchenko's poems/Collage

Taras Shevchenko is a phenomenal poet. His poems inspire Ukrainians. And his poems often become the basis of songs. Radio MAXIMUM has put together for you a playlist of compositions written to the texts of Veliky Kobzar!

These songs show us that the work of Taras Shevchenko finds a response through the years. It inspires, makes us strong and pushes us to fight. Listen on Radio MAXIMUM to songs written on poems by Veliky Kobzar.

Taras Shevchenko is an outstanding son of Ukraine. He wrote powerful and prophetic poems. Works that aptly describe what we are experiencing now. And that's why his words inspired the creation of songs that have already fallen in love with many Ukrainian listeners.

Kumu Vniz – Diggered grave: listen to the song based on Shevchenko's poem

Piccardian Tertsia – Oh, the romance is blooming on the mountain: listen to the song

Oh, the romance is blooming on the mountain,
The Cossack is walking through the valley
And the mourners are asking,
Where is fate proud?

Is it in the taverns with the rich?
Is it in the steppes with the chumaks?
Is it in the field in the open
Blowing with the wind at will? –

Not there, not there, friend-brother,
With a girl in someone else's house,
In a handkerchief and in a shawl
Hidden in a new chest.

Chrysnya ensemble – Zore, my evening: watch the video for the song

Zore, my evening,
Go down over the mountain,
Let's talk quietly
In captivity with you.

Tell me how over the mountain
The sun sits down.
How the rainbow in the Dnieper
Borrows water.

Like a wide oak tree
The vines spread out…
And over the very water
The willow bent;
Unbaptized children.

Vasyl Zhdankin – Thresholds are beating, the moon rises: watch the video for the song

Thresholds are beating, the moon is rising,
Just like the first time…
Nema Sichi , the one who was in charge of everything has disappeared too!

Sich is gone, the reeds
In the Dnipro they ask:
“Where have our children gone,
Where are they walking?”

Zaporozhians will not return,
Hetmans will not stand up,
Ukraine will not be covered
Red robes!

Shorn, orphaned
Over the Dnieper is crying;
Hard, hard for the orphans,
And no one sees…

TABAKOV – Struggle – Overcome: listen to a song based on Shevchenko's poem

Fight – overcome!
May God help you !
For you is the truth, for you is the glory
And the will is holy!

Beyond the mountains, covered with clouds,
Sown with grief, watered with blood.
From time immemorial, Prometheus
There the eagle punishes,< br> That the day of God breaks the ribs
And the heart breaks.
It breaks, but does not drink
Living blood, –
The heart comes to life again
And laughs again.
Our soul does not die ,
The will does not die.
And the carried one does not blow
At the bottom of the sea is a field.

The Telnyuk Sisters – I don't care: watch the video for the song

I don't care if I
live in Ukraine or not.
Will anyone remember or forget
Me in the snow in a foreign land –
It's all the same to me.
I grew up in captivity among strangers,
And, not mourned by my own,
In captivity, crying, I will die,
And I will take everything with me –
I will not leave a small trace
On our glorious Ukraine,
On our land, not my own.
br> I will not confuse father with son,
He will not say to his son: – Pray.
Pray, son: for Ukraine
He was tortured once. –
It doesn't matter to me whether
that son will pray or not…

I want More! – Poplar: watch the video for the song

The wind is howling in the forest,
Walking in the field,
The edge of the road drives the poplar
To the very bottom.
The condition is high, the leaf is wide
Is it turning green in vain?
The field is like the sea all around
It is wide, turning blue.
Chumak is coming, he will look
And he bows his head,
The shepherd in the morning with his pipe
Sits down on the grave,
He will look – his heart aches,
There is no wild life around!
Alone, alone, like an orphan
In a foreign land, perishing!
Not a nightingale chirps
In a meadow above the water,
A blackbird does not sing,
Standing under the willow,
Not singing as an orphan,
Bored by the white world:
Without a sweet father, mother –
Like strangers…

Artem Pivovarov and Yarmak – Days pass, nights pass: watch the clip for the song

Days pass, nights pass,
Summer passes, rustles
Yellowed leaves , the eyes go out,
Thoughts fell asleep, the heart sleeps,
And everything fell asleep, and I don't know,
Whether I live or live,
Am I dragging around the world like this,
Because I don't cry anymore and I'm not laughing…
Dole, where are you! Dole, where are you?
There is none,
When the good is a pity, God,
Then give the evil, the evil!
Do not let the walker sleep,
With the heart to freeze
And like a rotten log
To lie around the world.
And let me live, live with my heart
And love people,
And if not… they will be cursed
And set the world on fire!
It is terrible to fall into chains,
They die in captivity,
And even worse – sleep, sleep
And sleep freely,
And sleep forever and ever,
And they will not leave a trace
None, the same,
Whether he lived or died!
Fate , where are you, dole, where are you?
There is none!
When the good is pity, God,
Then give the evil! evil!

Because you will be kicked out of the house,
Do not marry a poor woman,
Because you will not sleep.

Marry on free will,
On the Cossack fate,
What will be, will be,
If she is naked, she is naked.

But no one bothers
And does not entertain –
What hurts and where does it hurt,
No one asks.

Together, they say, and to cry. paper
In sad rows?..
Why didn't the wind blow you away? >My thoughts, my thoughts,
My flowers, children!
I raised you, took care of you —
Where are you, children?…
Go to Ukraine, children!
To our Ukraine,
Go under, orphans,
And I will perish here.
There you will find a sincere heart
And kind words,
There you will find sincere truth,
And maybe also glory…

Greetings, my little girl!
My Ukraine!
My foolish children,
Like my own child.

Dead Rooster – The Cherry Orchard: listen to the song online

The Cherry Orchard around the house,
The crickets are humming over the cherries,
The ploughmen are walking with the plows,
The girls are singing as they go,
And mothers are waiting for dinner.

The family has dinner near the house,
The evening star rises.
The daughter serves dinner,
And the mother wants to teach,
So the nightingale does not give.

The mother put her little children near the house
She herself fell asleep next to them.
It was quiet everything, only girls
But the nightingale did not stop.

“Sawmill” – Kosar: listen to a song based on Shevchenko's poem

He goes over the field,
He does not mow, he lays down,
He does not mow, he lays mountains.
The earth moans, the sea moans,
It moans and hums !

The reaper at night
They meet the scythes.
The reaper mows, he does not rest
And he does not count on anyone,
Even if he does not ask.

No beg, don't ask,
He doesn't rivet scythes;
Whether it's a suburb or a garden,
As if with a razor, the old man shaves
Everything you give.

Man, and tinker,
And the orphan-cobzar.
The old man sings, he mows,
He lays the mowing in mountains,
The king will not pass. He will be crushed behind bars.
No one will put a cross
And he will not change.

Artem Pyvovarov x DOROFEEVA – Thoughts: watch the video for the song

Thoughts… My thoughts, thoughts,
I'm sorry for you!
Why didn't the wind blow you away?

Thoughts… My thoughts, thoughts,
Woe to me with you!

There are my flowers, my children…
Will the heart cry alone
To everyone in the world , as I am with you?

Thoughts… My thoughts, thoughts,
Woe to me with you!
Why didn't the wind blow you away?

Thoughts.. My thoughts, my thoughts,
Woe to me with you!

My, my Ukraine!
Say hello, baby, you
Your, your child
And my thoughts, My thoughts,
My thoughts, my thoughts!

My thoughts!
My thoughts, my thoughts!
My thoughts!
My thoughts, my thoughts!
My thoughts!
My thoughts, my thoughts!

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