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The Boys season 4: this leak on 2 Gen V characters will annoy fans

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

The Boys fans, get ready to experience this rage in front of your screen… According to a new leak from season 4, whose ultra-trashy trailer has us in awe; the mouth,two characters from the spin-off of the series, Gen V, will be in the castof episodes 5 and 8. Unfortunately, but hey; las unsurprisingly, they will not be on the sideé good guys, and are preparing tocause a lot of damage! Warning, potential spoilers below.

The Boys season 4: this leak on 2 Gen V characters will annoy fans

these 2 characters from gen V  should join homelander

While Prime Video has already announced season 5 ofThe Boys, fans are awaiting the release of season 4, of which the first three episodes will be posted online on June 13. The Amazon series is one of the most popular on the platform: thanks to her side trash, violent and sexual, she knew how to seduce an audience looking for thrills. Its spin-off, Gen V, released at released in fall 2023, has also convinced fans of these unhinged and unhealthy superheroes. Two characters from this spin-off program are expected to appear in season 4 of The Boys, according to the VoughtHQ Instagram page. Sam (Asa Germann) and Cate (Maddie Phillips) are supposed to appear in episodes 5 and 8,with the firm intention of joining Homelander's army. /p>

The Boys season 4: this leak on 2 Gen V characters will annoy fans

The leak explains that “Sam grabs Kimikoand pins her arms behind her back. She watches as Cate controls Frenchie and tells her to get into an armed Vought security van. In addition, the two young people would be “involved in the death of Cameron Coleman“, the TV presenter, still alive at the latest news . Yet another murder which would not be surprising, given the provocative nature of the character… Leaks in line with Jack Quaid's recent statements on season 4 of The Boys, which promises to be bloody!

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