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Ghibli: here is the first information on Miyazaki's next film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Hayao Miyazaki, head of Studio Ghibli, is working on a new film . And we already knew that. But first information to his subject have recently fallen, and they already put us on the spot. water mouth.

Ghibli: here is the first information on Miyazaki's next film

< h2>hayao miyazaki back to work for months

In 2023, The Boy and the Heron has become Studio Ghibli's biggest success in France .The film also met with a huge success to internationally,having even earned Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro…) and his teams won the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the British Academy Film Award for best animated film. Much of the credit obviously goes to its director, Hayao Miyazaki, who co-founded the film the studio in 1985.

Ghibli: here is the first information on Miyazaki's next film

< p>A true thinking head and emblematic figure of Ghibli, the 83-year-old man has been talking about his possible retirement since the end of the 90s, and almost every new film is ready ;felt like his last.This was the case of the animated filmThe Boy and the Heron. But, without much surprise, We learned in September 2023 that Miyazaki was back at work, with his head full of “new ideas”, as explained by Miyazaki. Studio Ghibli Vice President Junichi Nishioka. And indeed, it seems that the director’s mysterious new project is taking shape.

a return to basics for studio ghibli?

We knew that Hayao Miyazaki was already leaning towards on his next project, without knowing the direction it could take. Now, we know that he would apparently like to tickle the public's nostalgia, and perhaps his own too, by returning to the sources. In any case, this is what Goro Miyazaki, his son, suggests: à the Japanese press that his daddy is working on “a nostalgic action-adventure film reminiscent of the good old days”.

Ghibli: here is the first information on Miyazaki's next film

Goro Miyazaki does not give more details, probably because he doesn't have one himself. He also specifies thathe is not sure about this. 100% that this project will be his next film, but the opposite would be surprising. Miyazaki junior indeed declared at the JDD, a few days ago, that Hayao Miyazaki wants above all knowing how much time he has left to live, whether or not to undertake a new film”. Aware of his great age, the octogenarian does not would probably not risk anticipate several films in advance; advance. We hope to learn more in the coming months.

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