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Netflix: notice to subscribers on PC, this functionality removed

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May28,2024

As Netflix continues to break its own records and exceed estimates, the world's most popular streaming platform is struggling to keep up. be unanimous. Regular price increases, cancellations at regular intervals. everything goes, questionable decisions, Netflix maximizes its profits. And unfortunately for its subscribers who are fans of the PC application, the latest news is not good.

Netflix: notice to subscribers on PC, this feature removed

farewell to this functionality appreciated?

On X, a certain Artem Russakovskii recently shared his astonishment upon discovering a message from Netflix informing him that the Windows application was going to be updated. day, and that the possibility of The ability to download content offline would disappear. Dismayed, he shared the message on social networks. Internet users carry out the investigation, but come up empty. According to Russakovskii's message, “updating Up to date includes access to live events, web compatibility, and more. with ad-supported plans, and more! Downloads will no longer be supported, but you can continue to download them. Watch TV shows and movies offline on a supported mobile device.

What!??? @netflix is ​​updating its Windows desktop app and “making it better” by removing the ability to download offline.

This is how I watch Netflix on the plane. This is a terrible change

May 25, 2024

.What !??? Netflix upgrades updated its Windows application and “improved” it by removing the possibility of to download offline.

This is how I watch Netflix on the plane. This is a terrible change.

This alert, Russakovskii is not the only subscriber to Netflix at having received it. However, the message seems to change depending on the user. A certain Trevor62271128 shares his, from the Netflix application, where the part about downloads is not found. True or false alarm, it is possible that Netflix has modified the information. his message along the way, or reserved it for him. for users who enjoy offline viewing. >Netflix: notice to subscribers on PC, this feature removed

Anyway, Netflix hasn't announced anything yet. both via communication press only via its networks. This news, if it is true, does not delight Internet users. On X as on Reddit, derogatory comments abound.Many are those with criticize Netflix's decisions, saddened to see what Netflix has become. The list of abandoned features would grow even longer, but remains to be seen. know if the platform is not going to go backwards if it is stopped. this poor reception.

Netflix: notice to subscribers on PC, this feature removed

Even though many of Netflix's decisions are divisive, the platform has never been released. in such good shape. Its number of subscribers has exploded, to the delight of its shareholders. The consumer must make do with disappearing features, a mess of cancellations and repeated price increases. And unsurprisingly, a new price increase would be at the same time. expected in 2024, remains to be seen. know how much the bill will increase.

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