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The Pentagon said that the DPRK continues to provide weapons to the Russian Federation

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The partnership between North Korea and the Russian Federation in the context of the provision of weapons continues to grow. Deputy Speaker of the Pentagon Sabrina Singh announced this during a briefing.

— We believe that the partnership continues to flourish, that North Korea continues to support Russia. We have read out the declassified intelligence information to you all… Therefore, we believe that support continues— she said.

Singh noted that we are talking about the supply of various weapons.

— We see Russia turning to partners like North Korea, Iran to continue to receive support for its war in Ukraine— added the Deputy Speaker of the Pentagon.

She also emphasized that the United States will continue to support Ukraine, no matter how long it takes.

Previously BAGNET reported that the minister South Korean Defense Shin Won-sik reported that North Korea has sent about 7 thousand containers with ammunition and other military equipment to Russia since last year.

According to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Russia has received since the fall from the DPRK more than 10 thousand containers with artillery shells.

The United States indicated that Russian troops attacked Ukraine at least 10 times with the help of missiles provided by North Korea.

According to Financial Times, Russian Federation, despite UN sanctions, supplies North Korea with oil in exchange for weapons.

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