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Viewers were shown an epic trailer of the family comedy

Watch the trailer of the movie “Krashanka”/

Ukrainian cinemas will soon invite viewers to watch the adventures of the extremely funny Zabiak family. They will be shown to us in the film “Krashanka”, which will be released on April 25.

This is a family comedy that tells a story about unexpected meetings, unpredictable pranks and eternal family values. And Radio MAXIMUM offers to watch the trailer of the film!

The main character, Ivan Andriyovych Zabiaka, dreams of accomplishing the unthinkable: to launch a rocket at Moscow on the eve of Easter.His plans face unexpected obstacles when his relatives come to visit him. From this moment, a real kaleidoscope of funny situations and unexpected turns begins.

The team of actors, which includes such talented artists as Stanislav Boklan and Dasha Leheida, created an exciting and unique atmosphere on the screen. By the way, it was Legheida who appeared in the main role of the youngest daughter of Ivan Zabiyaka, who has a difficult path in her own life.

Krashanka: watch the trailer of the Ukrainian comedy

“Krashanka” will not only entertain the audience, but also show that even the most difficult trials can bring a family closer together. This is a film about traditions, humor and unusual dreams that help us find meaning in everyday life.

Don't miss the family adventure in the movie “Krashanka”. It promises to be one of the brightest film events of the spring.

The director of the film is Taras Dudar. And Stanislav Boklan, Olesya Zhurakivska, Dasha Legeyda, Volodymyr Gladkyi, Mykhailo Pulyanskyi, as well as Artur Logai, Lyudmila Zagorska, Yevhen Senchukov, Ihor Portyanko, Natalya Kobyzka starred in the film “Krashanka”.

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