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Ostap Ukrainets joined the ranks of the Armed Forces/Book Space

The defense forces of Ukraine have been joined by another famous Ukrainian. Ostap Ukrainets joined the ranks of the ZSU.

The translator, writer and founder of the channel “Your Underground Humanitarian” told about this on his Facebook.

So, the company. I was finally mobilized, already at the training center. This means that the entire male part of “Humanitarka” is currently in the Armed Forces. That is, there will be no video in the near future,
– he noted.

At the same time, Ostap Ukrainets added that there will be books. However, more slowly. He also noted that only Katria remained in “Humanitarka” and that she now owns the publishing house.

I don't know yet what will happen to my current translations, but I guess they won't be done. Currently, I am figuring out in which part I will serve in the end and I am solving administrative issues. As if there is an option, but it is still in the process. And there it will be seen,
– he noted.

Net users greeted this news with delight. They left many warm comments under the publication of Ostap Ukrainets:

  • Take care, good luck!
  • Ostap! Thanks for the rank!
  • Thank you, Ostap! Take care of those around you, and they will take care of you!
  • Ostap, strength and strength, take care of yourself!
  • Congratulations! Respect! I wish you great success and military happiness!
  • Thank you! Please come back alive. Much respect.
  • Thank you! Trustworthy people and safe return!

God, thank you all for your kind words, I'll give you a hug too. Well, here at the training center there is recruitment until the end of the week, join,
– he later wrote in the comments.

Ostap Ukrainets demonstrated by his own example the importance of joining the ranks of the Armed Forces. His act can and, we believe, will inspire those who are still hesitating whether to join the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

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