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The Acolyte Star Wars: the reviews are in, the Disney series looks promising

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

The press was able to discover in advance the first four episodes of the seriesStar Wars: The Acolyte. And from what we can read, the new project from Lucasfilm and Disney looks very promising.

 The Star Wars Acolyte: the reviews are in, the Disney series looks promising

D-1 before the start of Star Wars The Acolyte

Only one more day to wait before we can judgeThe Acolyte, the brand new series Star Warswhich intrigues as much as it worries. Some call her awokeand deplore her side of being a “woke” person. too cheap, when others are intrigued to see if Disney will manage to achieve this. to offer something credible while taking the risk of venturing into territory that she does not master.

As a reminder,The Acolyte is set approximately 100 years before the events ofThe Phantom Menace, àgrav; the era of the High Republic, a period of calm where the Jedi are in power. Never before has Disney worn à This part of the franchise's lore has been on screen since its takeover.

Recently,The length of the first four episodes was reduced. revealedin an article published by the very informed Bespin Bulletin. Between 32 and 42 minutes, these episodes are rather short, enough to make one cringe. The press was able to see this first salvo in advance, and gave his opinion.

I just finished the first 4 episodes of The Acolyte and my only complaint is that I don't have episode 5. Leslye Headland did a great job with the action and characters and it's clear that She loves and understands Star Wars. I can't wait to see more”

– Collider

 The Acolyte is truly a refreshing story. Amandla Steinberg is great, Lee Jung-jae as Master Sol is one of my new favorites. There are some solid twists too. I really enjoyed it. the first four episodes”

– ComicBook

Episodes 1 to 4 are superb. A mystery A captivating murder mystery that evokes the detective stories of Matt Reeves' Twin Peaks and The Batman, while fully adhering to and thematically connecting to the prequels. Seeing the High Republic in real action does not have to”

– Star Wars Holocron

The first 4 episodes of The Acolyte completely blew me away. My most anticipated series and it impressed me again. The writing is brilliant, the exposition is perfect, and the fight choreography is top-notch. A captivating mystery woven together in the Star Wars universe! Amandla Stenberg is PHENOMENAL!”

– Screenrant

Liked: Very good cinematography and choreography in the fights. They are dynamic and use the environment well. I was also surprised at how much I liked these characters, especially since they are all new. Most of them are very stoic/flat, but I guess that comes with the territory. The non-Jedi characters really get a chance to shine with their personalities and are the most notable.

I Hate: Based on these two episodes, I don't think the murder mystery plot is enough to make this series a must-watch. There may be issues added later, but for now, we don't feel like we're moving on to the next level. next to it of something. There's a bit of fan fiction on a budget. The first ten minutes will also be divisive, I think, but it's too spoilery to talk about before release. There is a « twist » At first they spend a lot of time with it but if you've seen the marketing you'll probably have figured it out and will already be happy with it. ahead of the show for the first 30-40 minutes.

– YouTube Channel Heavy Spoilers

As often, the American press is rather laudatory in its criticism. We are waiting to see the feedback from the French media, which are used to criticizing their subject more harshly. For our part, we are in any case looking forward to seeing what Disney and Lucasfilm will offer us after several failures, such as The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi and to a lesser extent, Ahsoka.

Natasha Kumar

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