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Stood in the parking lot for 28 years: a new life was given to a cool Ferrari 512 BB

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Standed in the parking lot for 28 years: new life was given to a cool Ferrari 512 BB

Ferrari 512 BB sat idle for almost 30 years/screenshot from the video

Before the Ferrari Testarossa, there was a 512 BB model. Debuting in 1973, it was the first road-going Ferrari with a mid-engine layout.

It also had the distinction of replacing the iconic Daytona, and would cost around $270,000 to buy in mint condition today. This 1980 model is not in excellent shape, but after 28 years it is finally taking steps in the right direction, writes Motor.

This forgotten Ferrari is the subject of the WD Detailing team's latest YouTube project, and we'd be lying if we didn't say we're a little jealous. Cleaning very dirty cars can be a tough job, but touching the 512 BB isn't something that happens every day. A total of 2,323 cars were built, and none were sold in the US, making this a rare Prancing Horse. This 512 BB had 19,309 miles on it, but none of them were sold in the 21st century. It has been parked since 1996.

According to the video, the current owner bought this Ferrari at an auction in Georgia along with a Lamborghini Miura. He enjoyed the 512 for a while, then life and family circumstances changed and the car ended up in the parking lot. Months turned into years, then decades – it's not the first time we've heard this story.

But it's the first time we've heard it with a classic Ferrari. Judging by her condition in the barn, we'd say she hasn't been completely pristine all these years, and she's certainly dirty. It's also infested with mice, as evidenced by the huge nest found in the 5.0-liter Flat-12 engine.The interior is also soaked in mouse droppings and mold, but thanks to the magic of slow motion, we see the car come back to life. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning can fix a damaged front panel, but it's a start.

Ferrari 512 BB is bright red again: watch the video

In this 37-minute video, we see days of work, and at the end we are greeted by a bright red Ferrari. The single-stage paint job is polished to a shine, and while the tan interior has aged a bit, it's at least clean. There was no attempt to start the engine – that would come after a much needed trip to the mechanic. But this Ferrari is well on its way to speeding down the highway after a very long nap.

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