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The woman said that she no longer wants to wash the dishes: his sharp answer outraged the network

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Woman said she no longer wants to wash dishes: his sharp response outraged the network< /p> The man broke the agreement/freepik

The husband's disdainful response to his wife's simple request caused a frenzy in the network. The ancient image of the “traditional housewife” who washes dishes, cooks and takes care of children has divided women for centuries. Some embrace this traditional role, while others seek to break out of it.

Recently, a woman who strongly rejects the label of housewife told her husband that she was tired of being the family cook. The drama unfolded on June 4, when the 27-year-old wife discovered her husband's outright refusal to wash the dishes, writes Express.

And it was not just a rare case; he declared he would never touch dishes again after coming home from work in a rage.

She pointed out two things: first, he had left yesterday's dishes unwashed, which piled up with the morning's in a terrifying pile. Second, it was his idea to take turns doing the dishes, and it was his day.

In response, the wife sent the husband a text message saying “I no longer want to cook. So we can eat frozen foods or something.”

The woman claimed that, apart from the occasional hot dog, they don't cook much at all. And now that she's going back to school, changing expectations is vital to making things work.

She shared: “He wants me to cook and do the laundry all the time… He wants a traditional wife, but he didn't provide a lifestyle that would protect and allow me to not work and get an education? No. If he wanted to pay me for all the services I provide to our family, that would be one thing, but no, it's just my role/duty as a wife”.

Although she thought the demand was fair, her husband disagreed, scaring her with this six-word message: “I'll slap you. Respect yourself.” Ignoring him, she said firmly, “Seriously. I don't have time for this, it will save money and we can make do with frozen meals and sandwiches. I'll cook the last of what's left in the house. Then we can make the preparations that you just throw it in the pot or the oven.” However, he snapped: “You're not a real person” and: “You're just a modern white woman.”

Shocked by these words, she wrote on Reddit: “Why is it okay that he can decide he doesn't want to do something anymore, but it's the end of the world when I do the same?” The revelation sparked a wave of responses from netizens, many of whom expressed concern for the woman's safety.

One person commented: “I would run out the door in a second if my husband threatened to hit me. Girl, for your own safety, get out soon.

Another said: “Your sexist goat husband needs to learn to think rationally. No, you're not being dramatic,” – others chimed in with, “Your life should NOT be like this,” and, “Leave before it gets any worse.”

After a heated exchange, the woman said her husband eventually relented, saying, “If you think that's what's needed: “If you think it's better for our marriage, fine.”

However, soon after that he left and strangely started “peeing in the bathroom drawer” , which made her suspect that he was intoxicated.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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