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Everywhere in the EU appear near the bottom controls

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun9,2024

Controls will always appear

Nimechina is strengthening security measures ahead of the championship Europe from football and industry ;cordon control in the middle of the Schengen zone, reports Deutsche Welle.

FRN is strengthening security measures, preparing to host the European Football Championship. Control at the cordons will allow the identification of a number of evildoers, said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nancy Feser.

Before the European Football Championship among the people who will be in Nimechchina from 14 rubles to 14 linya, the Ministry of Internal Affairs The FRN's current information announced the possibility of additional data verifications on the cordons of the region. As explained by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the FRF, Nancy Faeser, this approach is urgent and is required in order to “identify at an early stage the problems of violent criminals.” d hour retreading the cordons of Nimechchina Let's go along the water route. Verification of documents at mandrivniks takes place at the cordons of the Federal Republic of Russia with Denmark, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which, like Germany, lie before the Schengen zone.

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Natasha Kumar

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