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Steam: advice to puzzle fans, this nugget is made for you

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

While many games have welcomed big updates recently, they're not going to be too big. day (Diablo IV, Starfield, Grounded, Survival: Fountain of Youth), the releases continue to be continue. This week, Ninja Theory presents to you its Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, with very little communication from Microsoft. Among the other releases of the month, we note that of a visual and narrative nugget, which could well leave its mark on 2024.

Steam: advice to puzzle fans, this nugget is made for you

annapurna strikes again

While many publishers are trying by all means to retain their players by virtually increasing the lifespan of their titles, smaller productions are still there to make us vibrate. And this week, the palme d’or goes to; Loreleil and the Laser Eyes, developed by Simogo and published by Simogo by Annapurna Interactive. After Open Road, CocoonStray or even the breathtaking Outer Wilds, the American publisher signs with Loreleil and the Laser Eyes yet another nugget. 

Steam: advice to puzzle fans, this nugget is made for you

A publisher whose reputation continues to grow, while times are more about bad news than good news. While some behemoths persist in their waves of layoffs, others manage to achieve their goals. stay focus. And even ifLoreleil and the Laser Eyeswill never sell as much as a Diablo IV or a Starfield, he deserves the camera to be focused on him. 

one of the gems of 2024

Released on May 16 Last, Loreleil and the Laser Eyes is brilliantly presented. by a Steam player as a “Resident Evil but with math instead of zombies“. And thisReturn of the Obra Dinn for maths hits the mark on all points, or almost.Immersive atmosphere inside wish, brilliant soundtrack, fun and ingenious puzzles, a little gem that will occupy your mind and hands for many hours. Obviously, the lifespan of the game will increase depending on your style. Completionists will find more to their advantage there, while the fastest ones will still be able to occupy themselves for around ten hours. 

< p>Head to an “old baroque mansion, or even a hotel or a museum, somewhere in central Europe” where “a woman wanders in search of answers“. Invited by a mysterious man, this woman will have to solve many puzzles to try to solve her problem. reveal the intentions of his host, but above all the underbelly of this affair.Although the controls are a bit obtuse,Loreleil and the Laser Eyesseduces with its clever artistic direction and its exciting story. 

 < p>Steam: notice to puzzle fans, this nugget is made for you< /p>

It's difficult to go into the details of this nugget without spoiling one or two puzzles. But this Loreleil and the Laser Eyes is up for grabs. urgently tried by lovers of the genre, who will easily find their next bedside game. Be careful, however, going to bed on an unsolved riddle is taking the risk of seeing his night cut short at cause of a busier brain than ever. 

If you're interested, the Steam page for Loreleil and the Laser Eyes is available right there. < /p>

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