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One Piece Ambition: this new game is as impressive as the anime

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Whether we're talking about the manga or the anime, One Piece is a real phenomenon that began more than 25 years ago. Obviously, many derivative products have emerged, including lots of adaptations into video games. But With a few exceptions, these have rarely shone. by their quality. So obviously, whenvideosofgameplayof an ultra-promising game appear online, Internet users are getting excited. alt=”One Piece Ambition: this new game is as impressive as the anime” />

a new video gameOne piece

A few days ago, we revealed to you that the animeOne Piecehad broken a record held byDragon Ballsince seven years. Manga, for its part, is still the best-selling in the world, by far. In short, everything is going well in the best of all possible worlds, it seems. But on the sideé gamers, the plague. One Piece games are becoming rarer than in the past, and their quality is increasing. often oscillates between bad and just average and forgettable.A few exceptions obviously exist, but they are, by definition, rare.

So, when the Chinese publisher Tencent announced a fighting video gameOne Piece in 2021, this has inevitably awakened the interest of the fans. This was then known as One Piece Project: Fighter, but is now called< em>One Piece: Ambition. And suffice to say that the gameplay videos that have been circulating for several days on social networks are selling dreams!

One Piece Ambition: this new game is as impressive as the anime

one piece ambition, as beautiful as the anime?

When One Piece: Ambition was released? announced, under another name, we quickly learned that it was a mobile game.Obviously, it was a cold shower for many players. But the fact is that the gameplay videos that have been available on YouTube for a few weeks are more than reassuring: the game is visually magnificent, mixing dynamic gameplay, immersive QTE and breathtaking cutscenes, at the same time new from the anime.Several of these videos have been released. shared on the current time. You can discover it below.

For some time now, lucky kids have been able to tryOne Piece: Ambitionin closed beta on mobile, and it is especially the story mode and its cutscenes that attract attention.But the gameplay is not left out, between the detailed animations and the gameplay. es, as well as the combos and finishers that it is possible to chain together, while varying the pleasures with a roster of 24 charactersthat we already imagine expand to the future. On social networks, Internet users are stunned by the quality of the content. from what they see, and many consider that the game is on the same level as the anime, and that it is more impressive than the latest console and PC games based on the manga,< /strong> such asOne Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Ambition: this new game is as impressive as the anime

Because all of this was too good to be true, please note that no exit window was released. communicated by Tencent for version 1.0 of the game. Moreover,One Piece: Ambition has not been released yet. announced that for the Chinese public at agrave; at the moment,but it is strong at the moment, bet that it will subsequently be released in other countries. You will therefore have to be patient.

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