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LEGO Marvel Spider-Man's Final Fight: relive this incredible scene

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

For fans of the Marvel universe and especially Spider-Man fans, LEGO allows you to relive one of the most intense moments of the film

strong>Spider-Man: No Way Homethanks to; a LEGO set that will give you the possibility of creating to reconstruct the final fight where Peter Parker will give everything to win.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man's Final Battle: Relive this incredible scene

A cult scene fromSpider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home< /em>is a film that marked the minds of many spectators thanks to its history and its struggles. He was carried out by Jon Watts and was released in 2021. It takes place after the events related to the game. the confrontation against Mysterio. His identity is is revealed and the American government decided to to constantly hunt him for the murder of Mysterio. He will then find refuge with Dr. Strange who will then cast a spell to make the world forget that Peter Paker is Spider-Man. Everything is not going to go as planned and this will open the Multiverse.

Concerning this LEGO Spider-Man set, it highlights the final fight of the film between Spider-Man and his allies against the forces of evil in order to save reality. A fight that left fans in suspense.

LEGO Marvel Spider-Man's Final Battle: Relive this incredible scene

This set is a faithful reproduction and before you can enjoy it, you will need to assemble the 900 pieces that make it up. In the end, the scene measures 18 cm high, 20 cm wide and 22 cm deep. That's not all, there are also minifigures included that represent iconic characters.

    • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man incarnated; by Tobey Maguire
    • The Amazing Spider-Man incarnate by Andrew Garfield
    • Spider-Man incarnate by Tom Holland
  • Electro,
  • Doctor Strange,
  • Green Goblin,
  • Ned,< /li>
  • MJ,
  • and Doc Octopus.

This LEGO Spider-Man set is a real godsend for fans since it is currently enjoying a discount. In addition, it allows them to relive one of the most intense moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home and add a new set to the series. their collection. Don't hesitate for a second!

And if you are more of a fan of science fiction and more particularly of the Star Wars universe then you cannot move on to this game. next to it from this other LEGO set on sale. The aim is to reconstruct the helmet of Din Djarin, the bounty hunter from the famous series The Mandalorian broadcast on >Disney+. This helmet is part of the Star Wars LEGO collection.

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