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Serhii Babkin presented the composition “Our Soul”, which he dedicated to the indomitable Kharkiv

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Serhii Babkin presented the composition “Our soul”, which he dedicated to the indomitable Kharkiv

Serhiy Babkin/YouTube

The famous Ukrainian singer Serhiy Babkin released a mood video for the new song “Our Soul”. The filming of the clip, which became part of the album “Furious”, took place in the indomitable Kharkiv.

The incredible clip “Our soul” by the artist Serhii Babkin can be viewed on YouTube.

Filming of the clip took place at iconic locations in Kharkiv, including against the backdrop of a huge thermometer near the “Historical Museum” metro station and the State Industry building.

My native Kharkiv is currently going through the most difficult times in its history, and we wanted to make another version, shoot it right here, in favorite, iconic and memorable places, in order to morally support the indomitable people of Kharkiv. A kind of musical excursion through the physical and metaphysical Kharkiv of April 2024 was released, – Serhii Babkin shared the story of the creation of this video.

The director, operator and editor of the video “Our Soul” was a close friend of the singer, well-known in the Kharkiv region. volunteer Denys Breslavskyi, head of the NGO “State and I”.

Before the war, he wrote music for his band and worked as a producer, arranger with many famous musicians, including Lama, TAYANNA, Anastasia Prykhodko, Sashko Polozhinsky and others. Now he and his team devote all their time to volunteering, which he started back in 2014.

The work on the new video was quite difficult and started with an unpleasant incident. On the eve of the start of filming during Serhiy Babkin's concert for one of the Kharkiv air defense units, the video director broke his leg. But the team did not change their plans and began to work according to the plan.

The singer emphasizes that this video gives an opportunity to demonstrate the indomitability of people and the beauty of Kharkiv, which does not lose its greatness even in difficult times of a brutal war.


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