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Putin declares the start of a global war for allowing Ukraine to beat Russia

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May29,2024

Putin declares a global war for allowing Ukraine to attack the Russian Federation

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Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin warned that the NATO member countries in Europe are “playing with fire” if they allow Ukraine’s internationalism to cause strikes from an offensive attack on the territory ї rf.

It appears that the docks of the Zakhad region are planning to work on the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine, Putin has begun to talk more often about the risk of a larger-scale conflict.

"Permanent escalation This can lead to serious consequences. What are the serious consequences for Europe, how can we manage the acquisition of the United States, respecting our parity in the field of strategic formations? It’s important to say, “why do you want the stench of a global conflict?”,the dictator told journalists near Tashkent, reports Reuters.

Behind Putin’s words, attacks on Russia with a long-range approach, drawing in the borders Sunset y y war. He also added that the likely transfer of French troops to Ukraine will be a shortcut to a global conflict.

Speaking about NATO members in Europe, Putin said that the country “is guilty of acknowledging Chim stinks, aje stinks They loom over a small territory and a very large population.

“This factor, which is the stench of the guilty mothers, first of all speaks of striking deep into Russian territory,” Putin said.< /p>

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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