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Sean Bean: Lord of the Rings actor at the heart of an altercation in a bar

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Fans of Lord of the Rings and the Game of Thrones series know British actor Sean Bean well . While it is currently located at Liverpool for the filming of his next series, the actor found himself in London. at the heart of an incident that occurred in a pub in the city between him and security. of the establishment.

Sean Bean: Lord of the Rings actor at the heart of an altercation in a bar

Sean Bean shot forced to leave the pub

The public knows Sean Bean thanks to his roles as Boromir in the Lord of the Rings franchise or even that of Eddard Stark in the first season of the Game of Thrones series. The elderly actor The 65-year-old will soon be in the casting of a new drama series entitled This City is Ours produced by the BBC. For the purposes of filming, Sean Bean is currently at work. Liverpool. It was in fact in one of the bars of the British city that the actor found himself. at the center of an altercation with an employee of the pub.

Indeed, as revealed by the English tabloid Daily Mailwho shared the video of the incident, we can see the interpreter of Boromir being dragged by force by a member of the bar.

Sean Bean: Lord of the Rings actor at the heart of an altercation in a bar

According to witnesses who attended the &àgrave; the scene which took place in the Tom Thumb pub, Sean Bean was caught vaping inside the establishment. This is when security comes into play. approached the actor. A witness explains that he thought the agent wanted to take a photo with the actor while it was to order him to stop vaping but Sean Bean would have declared “that he could do what he wanted”. It was then that The security guard began to forcefully drag the actor out of the premises. Bean continued to refuse and cling to his chair.

@dailymail EXCLUSIVE: Sean Bean grappled with a bouncer before he was wrestled to the floor and dragged out of a Liverpool bar after allegedly being told off for vaping. We understand the Game of Thrones star was seen being manhandled by security, one of whom had a hand around the actor's throat, at the Tom Thumb pub last Friday during a night off from filming a new BBC drama in the city. #seanbean #liverpool #lotr #bouncer #bar #vaping #fight #gameofthrones u266c original sound – Daily Mail

Bar patrons explained have been shocked by the actor's behavior. According to them, the bouncers were just doing their job and Sean Bean was acting like “a real asshole“.

Sean Bean: Lord of the Rings actor at the heart of an altercation in a bar

An incident that echoes the one that occurred in 2011

This is not the first time that the star of Game of Thronesfinds himself involved in an altercation in a bar. In 2011, he had beené stabbed in the arm for having defended April Summer, an Italian model who had posed in topless for Playboy magazine. While smoking a cigarette in front of the establishment, a drunk man made a sexist remark about the young woman. Wanting to defend her, the scene degenerated into violence. when the individual rushed to on the actor with a broken glass to cut him in the arm. His injuries were not serious. Sean Bean had been neat by the bar employees.

Speaking of Sean Bean, the actor has the reputation of being the one who dies the most in his films. But to find out if this is really the case, we invite you to discover this ranking of the 20 deadliest actors in cinema.

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