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This legendary Japanese animation studio closes its doors

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

The end of an era. We have just learned that one of the largest Japanese animation studios has just closed its doors due to bankruptcy. We tell you everything!

This legendary Japanese animation studio closes its doors

Japanese animation: the end of an era

A few weeks ago, guest at the Cannes Film Festival to receive an honorary Palme d'Or, director Gōrō Miyazaki explained that according tohis illustrious father, the legendary Hayao Miyazaki, “the age of “The gold of Japanese animation has passed. A sad observation, which seems to contradict the inventiveness of new studios such as ufotable and MAPPA. However, the economic context does not spare the old guard studios. While Studio Ghibli has escaped from a little to; bankruptcy thanks to the takeover by NipponTV, another legendary studio has just closed its doors; this is the Gainax studio ;legendary of Japanese animation closes its doors” />

Co-foundedé in 1984 by the great Hideaki Anno, who began his career. his career as an animator onNausicaä of the Valley of the Windby Hayao Miyazaki,the Gainax studio has produced such cult series asNeon Genesis Evangelion,Nadia, the Secret of Blue Water and evenGurren Lagann . The news of the studio's closure due to bankruptcy was received early on. announced on the website of one of its branches – the Khara studio – this Friday June 7, 2024. 

This legendary Japanese animation studio is closing its doors

Of course, this news – as unfortunate as it is – does not put an end to the crisis. the career of Hideaki Anno. The filmmaker has also become an icon of live-action blockbusters in Japan, by directing the brilliantShin Godzilla(2016), whose popularity ; continues to climb.We are also thinking of his latest film to date, Shin Kamen Rider (2023), visible exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. He also wrote the filmShin Ultraman by Shinji Higuchi, the co-director ofShin Godzilla and the co-writer of the screenplay rieNeon Genesis Evangelion. For now, Hideaki Anno has announced; that he had no project in mind, and that his involvement in theEvangelionsaga was over. Wait and see, then.

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