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Daily: gospel choir maintains accusations of racism

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun7,2024

After participating in the &àgrave; the show Quotidien on TMC on June 3, a gospel choir which accompanied the winner of the Star Academy, Pierre Garnier, accused the production of racism. For its part, society Bangumi defended herself. But this Thursday, the choir issued a press release; shared on Instagram in which the management trashes the production of the show.

Daily: the gospel choir maintains its accusations of racism

Yann Barthès and Quotidien accused of racism

Return last Monday to TMC: Yann Barth&egrav;s welcomes Pierre Garnier, winner of the last Star Academy season. During the show, the singer performed live with a gospel choir called Diamond Gospel, whose members were seated in the stands.

Daily: the gospel choir maintains its accusations of racism

However, after the broadcast, these are several singers from the choir who denounced the reception conditions on the set of the show even going so far as to accuse the show of racism. Face to face these accusations which circulated very quickly on social networks, a manager of the company production of Quotidien refuted these accusationsand declared that it was “horrible for us to imagine that people could imagine teams then to explain that it was “of a huge misunderstanding” in the face of the constraints of filming the show.

The Diamond Gospel choir maintains its accusations of racism

To be continued Following these statements, the choir management decided to publish a press release on Instagram to denounce the way the Quotidien teams are operating. > during filming. And the least we can say is that she pulls no punches. It all starts at the arrival of the group ina qualified environment; hostilefacing a particularly aggressive security team“. 

< source srcset="" type="image/webp">Daily: the gospel choir maintains its accusations of racism

The choristers denounce that the production has decided to to split the choir into two groups, one on the stage for the entirety of the choir. filming and the other who would wait in a room and who would intervene during the song. A choice made without the agreement of the choir directors. And there it is that poses a problem because the choir explains that the group leads in this room “was exclusively composed of “of people of Afro-Caribbean descent” to keep 35 Caucasian singers on set. In addition, the conditions were deplorable. They could not enter or leave and were “deprived of all means of communication, catering and hygiene“. 

Quotidien: la choire de gospel upholds its accusations of racism

Diamond Gospel highlights the support of Sony and Pierre Garnier who thanked in Instagram story the choristers during his performance, describing the moment as magical. 

After this press release, the site Puremédias contacted the production of Quotidien who explained that they had “underestimated the management of such a flow“. The deal with Sony was to keep part of the group but also the 50 people who had registered to attend the show.There is a good chance that Cyril Hanouna will scratch his TMC counterpart even more after this controversy.

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