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Scientists can receive up to 10 million dollars for establishing dialogue with animals

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Scientists can get a prize for establishing a dialogue with animals/freepik

The British businessman Jeremy Koller's foundation together with Tel Aviv University have established a prize for scientists. It is given to those who can establish two-way communication with animals.

This is reported on the foundation's website, Babel writes. It is noted that this award – is a multi-year project aimed at using advances in artificial intelligence, including large language models, to achieve interspecies communication.

The scientific committee that will evaluate applicants for the award aims to achieve communication with non-human organisms according to the principle of the “Turing test” – when an animal communicates independently, without realizing that its interlocutor is a person. Artificial intelligence can play an important role in creating interfaces to interpret such communication.

Project organizers promise annual grants of $100,000 to support research. The team that succeeds in this challenge could receive $10 million in investment or $500,000 in cash.

You can apply for this year's prize until July 31st. The jury will select the 10 best applications, whose authors will present their work at an online symposium. After this event, the jury will determine the winner.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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