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Germany is flooded with rain, there is a dead person

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Germany is being flooded with rain, there is a fatality

The death of a 42-year-old volunteer rescuer who helped evacuate people from areas where heavy rainfall caused water to rise was confirmed today.

According to DW, the man and three of his colleagues were trying to find and evacuate people from a flooded house in the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm.

The rescuer's body was found on Sunday morning. Other people on the boat were found alive.

The German weather agency DWD has issued a new storm and rain warning for regions of the country that have already been hit by flooding.

According to forecasts, up to 70 liters of rain per square meter could fall in parts of northern Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg on Sunday afternoon. At least ten communities in Bavaria have declared a state of emergency due to rising levels of the Danube and other rivers.

The water levels in the rivers began to rise after heavy rainfall that began on Friday and could continue until the end of the day. This phenomenon is due to the atypical movement of moist air masses from south to north for the region. A similar phenomenon was observed before the great flood on the Elbe in 2002.

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