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Norwegians travel to Sweden to buy eggs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar28,2024

Norwegians go to Sweden to buy eggs

The shortage of eggs in Norwegian stores during Holy Week forced Residents of the country look for this product, traditional for the Easter holidays, in neighboring Sweden.

As the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen writes, they started talking about a shortage of eggs at the beginning of the week. It was caused by the authorities' concerns regarding the overproduction of this product (previously, farmers were even offered compensation to produce fewer eggs), as well as an outbreak of bird flu.

The publication claims that the Swedish shopping center Nordby, located near the border with Norway and about 100 kilometers south of Oslo, was crowded with "desperate" by Norwegians trying to stock up on eggs.

While the Maxi-Mat grocery store in the center of the Norwegian capital ran out of eggs on Tuesday, neighboring Nordby was forced to limit the number of eggs purchased to three containers of 20 each. each for one family.

As Nettavisen notes, in Sweden there are not only more eggs in the pre-Easter period – they also cost about 30% less than in Norway.

At the same time, the shortage problem is not limited to Norway. Before Easter, egg prices in many countries around the world reached almost historical maximums due to high demand, increasing competition and outbreaks of diseases among birds.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

Natasha Kumar

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