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Russia expels British defense attache in response to London's mirror actions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

Russia expels British defense attaché in response to London's mirror actions

Photo: British Embassy/Getty Images

British diplomat Adrian Coghill is due to leave Russia within a week. This is discussed on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They explained that Coghill would be expelled in response to the decisions of the British authorities, who on May 8 announced plans to expel the Russian military attaché. The Russian Foreign Ministry considers the actions of the British authorities to be “a politically motivated action with a pronounced Russophobic character.”

British Home Secretary James Cleverley previously called the Russian attaché “an undeclared military intelligence officer” who conducted “malicious activities” .

Previously BAGNETreported that the UK was expelling the Russian defense attache from the country.

British Home Secretary James Cleverley called the official an undeclared military intelligence officer .

According to him, the deportation of the diplomat is related to the “reckless and dangerous activities of the Russian government throughout Europe.”

He also added that the UK will revoke the status of diplomatic premises from several properties, belonging to Russia because they were used for intelligence purposes. Such buildings include Seacocks House in Sussex, and the Trade and Defense Department in Highgate.

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Natasha Kumar

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