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Alena Omargalieva released the track “When you are gone” about a relationship that has survived trials

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024


Alena Omargalieva/YouTube

Ukrainian singer Alena Omargalieva presented the song and video work for it “When you are not here”. A well-known Ukrainian actor became the singer's psychologist in her new music video.

In the new track “When you're not there”, Alena Omargalieva talks about a personal crisis in her own love story. Watch the atmospheric clip on YouTube.

Separation, distance, emotional tension, inner turmoil and despair are what hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing right now. Alena Omargalieva is trying to cope with this vortex of emotions and feelings as the main character of her new music video for therapy with a psychologist.

In parallel with this, life events from the girl's past are displayed on the screen. The memories that we see as if on old photographic film are the inner dialogue of the heroine and the analysis of her own life.

Fate tests us every day for strength, and only thanks to the inner with strength, support and understanding of our desires, we can live truly. I want this song to be that “magic” pill that can heal wounds and be a pain reliever when it seems like the whole world is against you. Remember, until the gong sounds, life goes on, – said Alena Omargalieva.

The main role of a psychologist and director in the video was played by Ukrainian actor Oleksandr Kobzar, previously known for his full-length directorial debut in the Ukrainian-produced film “Batko”. He talentedly combined two images that are guides between the main character's real life and her inner search for herself.

Alena Omargalieva released the track

Alena Omargalieva and Oleksandr Kobzar

Nowadays, people are increasingly triggered by stories from their past, in which they get stuck and do not know how to live this period and move on. We turn to a psychologist to find answers about ourselves, to discover our inner self and to understand the truth. In the clip, the heroine has a metaphorical goal – to pass the casting for herself and play a successful role, without pretending to be someone other than what she really is, comments the director of the clip.

In the new clip of Alena Omargalieva, the audience will be able to see her younger sister the singer's sister Anastasia, who played the role of a contestant.

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