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Redistricting: three parties united for a break

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar15,2024

Liberals, solidarity and PQ join their voices to demand the maintenance of the current 125 counties.

Redé coupage: three parties united for a break

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At the head of the Commission on Electoral Representation, the Director General of Elections of Quebec, Jean-François Blanchet, has the mandate to redivide Quebec into 125 constituencies in preparation for the 2026 election. His next report is expected in September. (Archive photo)

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The three opposition parties united on Friday to ask the Director General of Elections to take a break from revising the boundaries of electoral constituencies, while allowing elected officials to do their work of overhauling the criteria. /p>

Three deputies from the Liberal Party of Quebec, Quebec Solidaire and the Parti Québécois met the press in the Rosemont district of Montreal – one of the constituencies that would be most affected by the planned revision of the boundaries of electoral districts. They were accompanied by representatives from the East of Montreal.

No MP from the Coalition Avenir Québec was present.

In their eyes, the changes envisaged in eastern Montreal would amount to a catastrophe and would distort citizens' feeling of belonging to their constituency.

With the planned changes to the boundaries of electoral districts in Montreal, the heart of Rosemont would no longer be in Rosemont, illustrated MP Vincent Marissal, of Québec solidaire.

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The Rosemont constituency would be catapulted much further east, into Anjou. In other words, I go from Promenade Masson to Galeries d'Anjou.

A quote from Vincent Marissal, MP for Québec solidaire

Alongside Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the Parti Québécois, and Madwa-Nika Cadet, liberal MP for Bourassa-Sauvé, Mr. Marissal invited the DGEQ not to touch something fragile like the East of Montreal.

Eastern Montreal has traditionally been disadvantaged – in terms of public transportation, for example.

They also argued that it was necessary to count not only voters, but also citizens. However, East Montreal has attracted thousands of newcomers, who are not registered on the electoral lists, but who may still need the help of an MP.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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