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Québec closes the door to remuneration for internships to the public

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A hundred students demonstrated in Quebec on Wednesday.

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At a time when thousands of university and college students in Quebec continue their mobilization to demand remuneration for internships carried out in the public sector, the Legault government warns that it does not intend to acquiesce to their demands .

At the moment, in the current [budgetary] context, I think it is not possible for the government to #x27;take this path, declared the Minister of Higher Education, Pascale Déry, during a press scrum at the National Assembly on Wednesday morning.

She mentioned that the preparation of the 2024-2025 budget had led her government to make important, demanding and necessary choices.

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Pascale Déry affirmed on Wednesday that the current context does not allow her government to move forward with remuneration for internships in the public sector.

In education, investments aimed at improving the content of training and accelerating the construction of student housing have been prioritized, recalled the minister.

We can't tackle all fronts at the same time, but these are choices we made in the context current then these are very, very important choices, she insisted.

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I think we also made the right choice to invest in student housing. This was one of the major project priorities that we were working on from the very beginning.

A quote from Pascale Déry, Minister of Higher Education

The student community continued its week of strike and mobilization on Wednesday for internship salaries.

Hundreds of university and college students gathered in front of the Parliament building in Quebec City at lunchtime to make their demands heard by the CAQ government.

They recall that the deputies of the National Assembly unanimously adopted last year a motion from the Parti Québécois requesting remuneration for all internships in the public and parapublic networks.

In the days following the adoption of the motion, Pascale Déry expressed the wish to find solutions to offer a salary to students who carry out internships in the public.

When young people arrive at the end of their course, in what we call internships 4, and work in the network 30 to 40 hours/week, they deserve to have remuneration, declared the Minister of 'Higher education.

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