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The Quebec Office in Havana will, however, cease its activities, Minister Biron announced on Friday.

Quebec strengthens its diplomacy in the United States and Asia

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The Minister of International Relations, Martine Biron, presented on Friday her plan to strengthen the Quebec diplomatic network. (Archive photo)


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Quebec's Minister of International Relations, Martine Biron, announced on Friday numerous changes to the province's diplomatic network, which will have impacts on at least three continents.

At the dawn of an important presidential election in the United States, Quebec plans to increase its workforce by nearly 20% in this country, she announced in a press release on Friday. The Quebec Office in Washington will therefore be upgraded to delegation status, just like that in Miami.

Still in America, slight increases in staff numbers in the priority markets of Mexico and Colombia are planned.

The Quebec Office in Havana, however, will cease operations. This territory will now be covered by the General Delegation of Quebec to Mexico, we learn in the press release.

Asia will also benefit from a redeployment of personnel, Minister Biron said on Friday. Thus, Quebec's offices in South Korea and Singapore will obtain delegation status, which will allow them to offer more services.

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The government is also considering opening a new representation in Europe. This would be based in Stockholm – where Northvolt’s headquarters are located. Quebec, explains the minister, shares with the Nordic countries many values ​​and realities in terms of innovation and energy transition.

Martine Biron presented her plan to strengthen the diplomatic network on Friday during a speech to the Council on International Relations of Montreal (CORIM). She also took advantage of this platform to announce that the Quebec government will adopt a new international policy.

The latter will be the result of consultations which will take place in the fall and it will be ready in 2025 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Gérin-Lajoie doctrine, we explain.

The announcement press release, however, says nothing about the Quebec Office in Tel Aviv, whose inauguration, which was to take place last fall, was postponed due to of the war between Israel and Hamas.

The location of this diplomatic representation is notably denounced by Québec solidaire.

More details will follow.

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