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Architectural Swiss competition LIV Awards announced the winners. Among them, in various categories, 3 Ukrainian companies became laureates.

Hospitality Design Awardsis an international design award founded by Hospitality Design Magazine. The main criteria for the selection of winners are the aesthetic component, innovation and functionality.

Ukrainian projects that became laureates:

Asia Restaurant by 5F Studio became the winner in the Architectural Design Brand New category. It was built in Vynnyky, Lviv Oblast, and Andrii Ignatyuk was the chief designer.

The architecture of the building resembles a mountain with waves, which actually symbolizes different seasons: the mountain is winter, and the waves are summer. As noted on the award website, the metal used for construction was produced at Azovstal. And the cane plantations were destroyed by the Russian military.

The most important task, according to them, was to install a relief frame of the restaurant, which should look light and weightless, and at the same time be stable and reliable. The restaurant can accommodate 374 people at the same time.

Projects from Ukrainian companies won the architectural competition LIV Awards: list

Asia Restaurant

Rafael Party Bar is the third project from 5F Studio and Andrii Ignatiuk. This is a separate hall of the Rafael hotel-restaurant complex in the village of Zubra in the Lviv region.

It was the first time that glass-blowing compositions were combined with media elements. These are special contour lights, which consist of separate hermetic modules connected by a wire, but at the same time look like a continuous line of light that bends in two directions, like a spine.

Among the elements of the space, there is a chandelier that looks like an octopus and occupies the main part of the ceiling, as well as frescoes on the walls of the hall.

Projects from Ukrainian companies won the architectural competition LIV Awards: list

Rafael Party Bar

Hotel Hay Boutique Hotel and SPA from Edem Family company Yod Group is located in the village of Polyanytsia in Bukovel. The main architects are Volodymyr Nepiyvoda and Dmytro Bonesco.

The building resembles a rock with cascades of plants – among other things, it is decorated with local trees, herbs, strawberries and blackberries. Plants change just as it happens in nature: some grow at the foot of the mountain, others on the slope and on the top.

Projects from Ukrainian companies won the LIV Awards architecture competition: list

Hay Boutique Hotel and SPA

The full list of competition winners can be found here.

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