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Artillerymen say that the occupiers are not stopping the hunt for Ukrainian weapons. Therefore, the military independently made anti-drone gratings.

The 47th separate artillery brigade showed a 155-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun “Bohdan” with a cabin protection against drones. This is reported by the press service of the brigade on Facebook.

“Ingenious solutions require ingenious thoughts, and our present requires such an approach all the time”, — the military wrote.


Protection of ammunition with anti-drone grids Photo: 47 separate artillery brigade

The Russian army does not stop hunting for Ukrainian weapons, so the issue of defense is always relevant. As part of the “Harkonnen” project, fighters created a system to protect the gun against kamikaze drones. “Military” adds that grilles were installed on the frontal and upper part of the cabin, where the driver and crew of the ACS are located, the hood above the engine and in the place of transportation of 155-mm projectiles together with powder metal charges.

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155-mm cannon of the self-propelled gun “Bohdana” Photo: 47th separate artillery brigade

The photos show version of the “Bohdan” self-propelled gun with a chassis from “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles”. Anti-drone grids are aimed at protecting the gun installation from FPV drones and kamikaze drones of the Lancet type. Previously, the Ukrainian artillery had withstood the impact of the Lancet drone. The manufacturer stated that the crew survived.

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