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Many people make these mistakes: in which situations should a smartphone not be charged

Many people have already formed certain habits over the years of using smartphones. For example, many people, coming from the street, immediately charge their gadget. However, this habit can be harmful in some cases.

The publication “Apostrophe”, referring to the data of experts, told why in some situations you should take your time to use the charger. There are several such situations:

If you came in from the cold

According to experts, although people are used to charging their mobile phone after returning from the street. However, in winter it is advised to abandon this practice. Charging the battery cannot be started after a sharp temperature drop. This threatens serious deterioration in the efficiency of the battery. Therefore, after returning to the apartment from the cold, you need to wait until it warms up, but do not speed up the process on purpose.

If it is hot

The phone heats up while charging. And when it's hot indoors, the situation can worsen. In order to prevent the smartphone from overheating, you need to make the room cooler.

Do not use the smartphone while it is charging

As experts say, when the phone is infected, it is better not to turn on programs, games or download nothing. There is a risk of overheating the smartphone. During charging, you need to close the browser and wait for the end of the process of downloading files. Only then connect the charger.

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