Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Taurus maker plans to halt missile production. Germany says no defense contracts

Defense firm MBDA, which makes Taurus missiles, has called on the German government to speed up decisions on orders in the industry. They said that because of this they cannot yet produce new missiles. Der Spiegel writes about it. The suspension of Taurus production was explained by the fact that the defense industry does not have the right to manufacture stocks without orders.

"It is a challenge for our industry when production is disrupted, as was the case with the Taurus. In such cases, our suppliers, who are often small and medium-sized companies, stop production,»— said Thomas Gottschild, head of the German subsidiary.

With new orders, suppliers will first have to reorient and ensure itself, for example, raw materials. 

Gottschild emphasized that the military industry needs a "base load in production".

"This enough to maintain supply chains, keep testing equipment state-of-the-art, and keep employees competent», — he says

As a positive example, the defense company cited an order for 1,000 Patriot missiles, which MBDA will produce with its American partner Raytheon. And the first missiles from this order will be delivered within three years.

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