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Palestinian state: the Bloc will support the NDP motion

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As elsewhere in the world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict divides and raises passions within the Canadian Parliament.

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The Bloc member for Montarville, Stéphane Bergeron, confirmed Monday his party's support for the New Democratic Party (NDP) motion which asks the Liberal government to “officially recognize the State of Palestine.” A question that deeply divides Justin Trudeau's troops.

Although the Trudeau government has long advocated a two-state solution negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians, the latter has never gone so far as to officially recognize the existence of a Palestinian state.

However, members of the House will be asked to vote this evening, around 7:30 p.m., on a non-binding motion tabled by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, which calls on the government to Justin Trudeau to officially recognize the existence of a Palestinian state.

I would like to point out from the outset that the Bloc Québécois will vote in favor of this motion. For a very simple reason, Mr. Speaker, it is that most of the elements contained in this motion proposed by the NDP have already been the subject of previous positions taken by the Bloc Québécois and, therefore, we must be consistent and vote in favor of the motion.

A quote from Stéphane Bergeron, Bloc member for Montarville

While blaming Hamas for the savage and barbaric attack it carried out last October 7 in Israeli civilian areas, Mr. Bergeron cited its leader, Yves-François Blanchet, who deplored after the attack that this violent provocation and terrorist exposed Palestinian civilians throughout the region to terrible reprisals.

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Israeli bombings have devastated the majority of towns and habitable areas in the Gaza Strip.

Retaliations which threw more than 2 million Palestinians onto the roads who today live crowded in the Rafah region in appalling health and humanitarian conditions, at the mercy of an Israeli offensive which has already left 31,000 dead, according to Palestinian estimates.

Allegations of war crimes against Israel, led by the far-right government of Benjamin Netanyahu, are increasing, said Mr. Bergeron while recalling the obstacles that Israel imposes daily to limit the delivery of aid. humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, while the colonization of the occupied territories is accelerating.

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A situation that can no longer continue, according to the NDP leader, who wrote in a press release that Palestinians and Israelis deserve to live in peace, fully enjoying their rights human beings and their democratic freedoms.

For Jagmeet Singh, there can be no peace in the Middle East without mutual recognition. This is why he is urging the Trudeau government to show the way by immediately recognizing the existence of a Palestinian state.

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Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, believes that for the Canadian Parliament to adopt a motion in favoring the creation of a Palestinian state would constitute a step towards “the two-state solution”. (File photo)

The text presented also includes several other sections. It demands in particular an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages, the suspension of all trade in military goods and technologies with Israel, the lifting of the arbitrary ceiling of 1,000 temporary resident visa applications, a ban on x27;entry into Canada for extremist settlers and imposing sanctions on Israelis who incite genocide.

But the question is not as simple in the liberal ranks, where this war deeply divides the deputies.

Liberal MP Salma Zahid, from the region of Greater Toronto, said she intended to vote in favor. Conversely, Anthony Housefather, a Liberal from Montreal, believes that the motion includes a list of measures hostile to Israel.

At a press conference at parliament, a spokesperson for the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Ahmad Al-Qadi, said that Justin Trudeau's government has made positive steps towards common sense, but the vote of Monday will be a critical point that will demonstrate whether the Liberals are walking the talk.

At his side, a Canadian of Palestinian origin, Essam Abu-Oshaibah, called on elected officials to stand on the right side of history, like former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney – whose memory MPs will honor shortly before debate on the motion – when he opposed apartheid in South Africa despite opposition from the Americans and the British. /p>

Isn't it time for the Liberal government to do the same to the apartheid of our times, Abu asked -Oshaibah.

For Israel's ambassador to Canada, Iddo Moed, a vote in favor of this motion would reward Hamas, whose militants killed 1,200 people and took 250 hostages during an attack on October 7 in intending to annihilate the State of Israel.

Empowering terrorists will only cause more bloodshed and undermine any peaceful resolution to the conflict, he wrote in a statement.

The Prime Minister's Office declined Monday to say whether Cabinet met in recent days to discuss how it would vote on the motion and to clarify Mr. Trudeau's view on the question.

The Chamber asks the government:

a) to demand an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages;

b) to suspend all trade in military goods and technology with Israel and to redouble efforts to end the illegal arms trade, including weapons intended for Hamas;

(c) immediately restore and ensure the sustainability of funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and support the independent investigation;

d) to support the prosecution of all perpetrators of crimes and violations of international law committed in the region, and to support the work of the International Court of Justice and the Court international criminal law;

e) to demand unhindered humanitarian access to Gaza;

f) ensure that Canadians stuck in Gaza can safely return to Canada and lift the arbitrary cap of 1,000 temporary resident visa applications;

g) ban extremist settlers from entering Canada, impose sanctions on Israeli officials who incite genocide and maintain sanctions against Hamas leaders;

h) to advocate for an end to the decades-long occupation of the Palestinian territories and to work towards a solution to two States;

i) to officially recognize the State of Palestine and to maintain Canada's recognition of Israel's right to exist and live in peace with your neighbors.

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