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56 social and affordable housing units will be built in Baie-Comeau

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This project is one of 47 projects selected to meet the need for housing in Quebec. (Archive photo)

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It’s now official, 56 affordable housing units will be built for families and single people in Baie-Comeau. By way of a press release, Quebec indicates that these housing units will be built “rapidly”.

A more than welcome announcement in the territory, according to the director of Cité des Builders, Doris Rochette.

Right now, housing cooperatives are full everywhere, and have waiting lists. And homelessness is very concerning. Community organizations are overwhelmed, she illustrates.

The Quebec Affordable Housing Program (PHAQ) therefore selected the Cité des Bâtisseurs and the City of Baie-Comeau project during its second call for projects. Les Habitations Manicouagan is the developer.

According to PHAQ standards, construction must begin within 12 months. Delivery of the 46 3 ½ units and 10 4 ½ units is scheduled for 2026.

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For the president of the non-profit organization Habitations Manicouagan, Michel Savard, this announcement is pleasing. There are no small projects. It won't solve everything right away, but other projects should be announced, he says.

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“In a context where the housing crisis is hitting Baie- Comeau in full force, with a vacancy rate of 0.5%, we can only rejoice at this announcement,” comments the president of Habitations Manicouagan, Michel Savard.

This project will be carried out thanks to the Housing Acceleration Fund, in which the federal and provincial governments have invested $900 million each. The City of Baie-Comeau will also have to finance part of the construction of these housing units, up to a minimum of 40% of the Company's basic subsidy.

The cost of the project is not yet known.

The City will donate the land to Habitations Manicouagan during the municipal council meeting on Monday evening. She will also offer him a tax holiday.

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The land is located in the Mingan sector, behind the Joliet market and near the swimming pool.

The MP for René-Lévesque, Yves Montigny, as well as the Minister of Employment and Minister responsible for the Côte-Nord region, Kateri Champagne Jourdain, were in Baie-Comeau on Monday for the announcement.

The latter hopes that the announcement will encourage private developers to submit other projects. The more projects we submit, the more chance we have of seeing them come to fruition. It’s a simple equation, she says.

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“It is important to build more housing to increase the attractiveness of the North Shore and it is what we do,” comments Kateri Champagne Jourdain, very happy with the announcement.

The mayor of Baie-Comeau, Michel Desbiens, ensures that he is working alongside private developers to build even more housing.

We will not give up until 'so that we have sufficient housing for Baie-Comeau. I dare to hope for construction in the next year with a private developer.

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The mayor of Baie-Comeau, Michel Desbiens, is “working to have other good news in the coming weeks” in housing matters.

Michel Desbiens has also set the objective of providing the city, whose vacancy rate is at 0.5%, 600 new doors in five years.

To counter the crisis at the provincial level, there are 2,574 new social and affordable housing units, or 47 projects, which will be completed quickly.

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