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Ottawa is releasing $125 million for a green hydrogen project in NS.

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Nov20,2023

Ottawa releases 125 million for a green hydrogen project in N.-É.

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The entrance to the EverWind wind farm facility at Point Tupper. (Archive photo)


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EverWind Fuels plans to produce green hydrogen using wind and solar energy, a project that could see the light of day thanks to $125 million in federal support.

Ottawa announced Friday that it has provided financing to the company, which plans to carry out this project in Pointe Tupper, Cape Breton.

EverWind has already invested $200 million in its project and Ottawa's money will be used to finalize the design of the factory.

Central Nova MP Sean Fraser was warmly applauded by approximately 50 area city councilors and business representatives during the announcement at the Port Hawkesbury municipal center.

The hydrogen produced by EverWind could in particular be exported abroad, notably to Germany, which has already concluded agreements with Canada to this effect, he explained.

Talks are also underway to create storage and distribution capacity in Nova Scotia.

According to the CEO of EverWind Fuels, Trent Vichie, this network is however planned during a second phase of the project.

According to Sean Fraser and Trent Vichie, this project will create thousands of jobs in Cape Breton and elsewhere in the province.

It is hoped that the region will be a world leader in this field and that it will bring home some of the people who work in the west of the country, launched Trent Vichie.

EverWind Fuels will use wind energy and solar energy to extract hydrogen from the water which will be drawn from Lake Landrie.

The company aims to become the country's first green hydrogen and ammonia facility. The plant could produce more than 200,000 tonnes of green ammonia each year from 2025.

Site preparation work has already started.

Based on reporting by Tom Ayers,CBC

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