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One-Punch Man season 3: a new visual of Fubuki revealed, his fans will be over the moon

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

Debuting in 2012, the anime adaptation of One-Punch Man presented itself as a future classic. But while the first season by Madhouse had everyone in agreement, the second, by J.C. Staff, did not succeed in achieving this. reach the same level. What about the third season? Planned for a more or less near future, it remains signed J.C. Staff. Bad news for fans of the first season, who can still console themselves with this new visual from Fubuki.

One-Punch Man season 3: a new visual of Fubuki revealed, his fans will be delighted be in heaven

new visual of fubuki while waiting for season 3 of one-punch man

One-Punch Man returns. Although no release date has been announced yet. shared, a first trailer of this third trailer allowed us to discover new images of the antagonists of the season: Garoh (Garou in English). This former student of Bang decided to to tackle heroes rather than monsters, a hobby which will at least allow him to cross paths with Saitama.

One-Punch Man season 3: a new visual of Fubuki revealed, his fans will be over the moon

Self-proclaimed A “human monster”, he will present himself as a major threat to the heroes, in particular to the heroes. because of his low blows. A determined human; à exterminate them all, a threat far from the alien problems of the first season. This antagonist, fans of One-Punch Manknow him well since he was already &àgrave; the honor during the second season of the anime. A third season which could therefore conclude the arc, remains to be seen. know when this new batch of episodes will be visible to fans.

For the moment, the most impatient will have to be content with this first trailer, but é also different visuals shared by the anime One-Punch Man. This month of June marks the fourth month of the series, and it is dedicated to à Fubuki. Much appreciated! manga readers and anime viewers alike, Fubuki has proven à many times now to be an exceptional heroine.

Hero Visual
One-Punch Man Season 3

Character: Blizzard

(Animation Production: J.C STAFF)


June 7, 2024

The telepath, whose abilities are unanimously unanimous, will be back in season 3.And to celebrate, a new visual is visible just above. Patience is required before season 3, the release date of which remains as mysterious as ever. Information is trickling in, a frustrating situation for many fans, given the fact that this third season has been so slow. announced in August 2022.

One-Punch Man season 3: a new visual of Fubuki revealed, his fans will be delighted

What is certain is that it will directly follow the events that occurred at the end of the year. the end of season 2. Garoh is now a member of the Monsters association, with a final episode that ends on a cliffhanger. Defeated, Garoh is transported alongside King Orochi, the one considered to be the king of monsters. A meeting which will undoubtedly allow Garoh to find what he is looking for. at any cost: take revenge.

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