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9 Movies You Should Never Watch as a Family

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

There are certain films that are best avoided watching with your parents and the whole family. Whether they are too violent, disturbing, unhealthy, too focused on sex, the nine feature films below are likely to offend your parents, to the point of making you experience an unpleasant experience. great family time.

9 films you should never watch as a family


Directed by Larry Charles in 2006, Borat is constructed as a parodic mockumentary, telling the story of Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh reporter sent to investigate. in the United States to promote his country. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen makes jokes and the comedic twists are very subversive. This has to do with such that its main character was denounced; for his homophobic character,sexist and anti-Semitic, and the film was criticized taxed dexenophobic. Depicted as a backward state, Kazakhtan and its president revolted against production, and a diplomatic incident almost took place with the USA. The film was also released. censored in the Arab world. So much controversy that will discourage you from watching it with your parents on the couch. of the living room.

9 films you should never see as a family


Far from Borat and his side subversive, Macheteworn by Danny Trejo is a bloody film where hemoglobin effluvia are constant. Explosions, big guns, girls in bikinis, shootouts, Machete is not recommended. sensitive souls, and family reunions.

9 films that you should never see as a family


The trilogyFifty Shades of Gray,(Fifty Shades Freed and Fifty Shades Darker), is one of those films that we doesn't want to watch with family. When a brilliant young student is seized with an irresistible desire for the rich and famous Christian Grey, the whole film takes a much more intimate turn, chaining together sometimes uncomfortable scenes that can titillate sado-masochism. The American film nevertheless aims to be much more soft than the book from which it is adapted.  

9 films you should never see with your family


No need to replay Abdellatif Kechiche's little 2013 masterpiece and the crazy performances of Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos, which earned him the interpretation prize at the festival from Cannes for the film. Acclaimed through criticism, the feature film is made up of of a succession of long intimate relationships filmed as close to the body as possibleto capture the essence of the film. Sequences that can be confusing.

9 films you should never watch as a family


The excellentSaltburn,which chronicles Oliver's (Barry Keoghan) obsession with wealthy student Felix (Jacob Elordi) has some shocking scenes, like this scene of licking a bathtub. the search for his friend's bodily fluids, cunnilingus where Oliver feasts on the blood of Venetia's rules, or even on the desecration of a grave, going so far as to kill him. the sexual act. From vampirism to the pure state.

9 films you should never watch as a family


Selected in official competition at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival,Irréversible is by Gaspard Noé &àgrave; the pure state. The film includes a grueling rape scene filmed in a long nine-minute sequence shot,which shocked Cannes and provoked a lively controversy after its broadcast in French cinemas.

9 films you should never see with your family


This slow descent into hell of three friends and the mother of one of them, affected by drug addiction, is filled with scenes of drug taking, where each of them suffers from drug addiction. the characters are in second states. Uncomfortable, raw, disturbing, Darren Aronofsky's film is not recommended. for peaceful Sunday evening meetings.

9 films you should never see as a family


The ultra disturbing feature film tells the story of a renowned German surgeon. who kidnaps three tourists to join them one to another. the other through the mouth and anusto form a human centipede. A completely “wtf” pitch for a very special horror film.

9 films you should never watch as a family


A woman's sexual journey, told in eight successive chapters by the main character, Joe, who has self-diagnosed as a nymphomaniac. This is the synopsis of Nymphomaniac. Built like a diptych, Lars von Trier's project is disconcerted for its sex scenes, to the point of being banned in several countries.

9 films that you should never watch with your family

For your part, what are the films that you would never dare to watch with your parents? Don't hesitate to share your top in comments.

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