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Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #467

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

It's Monday. And on Monday there's a new top 15 of the funniest tweets of the week. No politics on the menu, but something to clear the mind a little. Our tweets are always hilarious, with subjects ranging from Roland-Garros to France. From Netflix to a special trip to the cinema and anecdotes of all kinds. A selection carefully made by our community managers throughout last week, formatted and published this Monday, June 10. A 467th edition of the top 15 funniest tweets of the week, at discover just a little further down.

Top 15 funniest tweets of the week #467

< h2>#1 rip

The sentence that really announces the month of June: < br />
“There are no more French people at Roland-Garros”

June 3, 2024

#2 of threats

The size of the snapback… the graphic designer, we'll find you! https://t.co/Ij3Dv1WqJg

June 3, 2024

#3 blind spot

this is a place to take a corner ça lol it’s crazy to watch a film here https://t.co/W9Ir12Mlw5

June 3, 2024

#4 cinema experience

You pay 17€ to see a Film like ça AHZFDHAZJF https://t.co/Jtu7wz7GMA pic.twitter.com/lTAJc4DYcm

June 4, 2024

#5 beautiful score

I sit in the metro, I look at the head ;the guy's phone next to it from me: he has
13,000 euros in his current account I was like that

June 4, 2024

#6 impossible to sleep

It's supposed to be kill nighttime fears? Because it creates other people https://t.co/fgBoqbIUOB

June 5, 2024

#7 pollution at home aileron

Pollution yes yes… https://t.co/h3Zyks7Ink

June 7, 2024

#8 pretty

When a Uniqlo salesman is a little too fond of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure… pic.twitter.com/FVayP7pkgm

June 8, 2024

#9 too much fun

This weekend, vote… pic.twitter.com/YHgYHFLZmr

June 8, 2024

< /p>

#10 while listening to “i feel it coming”?

sorry darling sex is only with the condom 2013 https://t.co/lnCsCWLYZ8

June 8, 2024

#11 our artists have to talent

Ahaha, crazy! No, the Olympics are raw! pic.twitter.com/Qiqzg1mlUd

June 8, 2024

#12 he's bigger

Optimus Prime when he is older its prime https://t.co/2wlN4Xy2NP

June 8, 2024

#13 honest

The delivery guys are crazy, I didn't respond to your question. his call he takes me out « Madam, it's not your ex, it's the delivery man, answer » xhdjdjdkkd

June 8, 2024

#14 we don't want to know what he put in the bulletin

Vote pic.twitter.com/AA8wQvHyEW

June 9, 2024


Ba will vote now because WILL VOTE https://t.co/YJziG0yGrJ

June 9, 2024

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