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Disney: hard blow for Pixar, the studio reviews its strategy

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Pixar hasn't been involved either. saved by the failures at the box office, which affected the entire Disney group. To stop the phenomenon, pride is needed. of Western animation has decided to to take a drastic measure.

Disney: hard blow for Pixar, the studio reviews its strategy

Disney, Marvel, Pixar, the group changes its plans

In recent years, Disney has accused a serious loss of speed. The entertainment juggernaut has seen several of its films turn out to be big failures when they were released in theaters (The Marvels, Indiana Jones 5, or Wish just last year), which forced us to take part. the management led by Bob Iger at review your strategy.The CEO of Disney announced reduce the number of productions for the years to come; come. A way to promote quality à the quantity and restore its image. A strategy already in place set up at Marvel since only the highly anticipated Deadpool & Wolverineis programmed this year in the release calendar.

We see it, this general outage even affects Disney subsidiaries. The Pixar studios, bought by the big-eared firm in 2006, are also in a delicate position.Long considered the flagship of Western animation, the studio behindToy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-Eor Up /em> passedé à the action.

Disney: hard blow for Pixar, the studio reviews its strategy

Pixar reviews its goals for the years to come come

Pixar started this Tuesday tolay off 14% of their employees(which represents around 175 people), announcing in passing to abandon the production of content for the Disney+ streaming platform. In an internal mail consulted by the New York Times, the president of Pixar, Jim Morris, precisely announced that the studio was going to“focus again on films”.

Currently, we do not have details on the jobs that will be affected , but the will The studio's decision to focus on theatrical films suggests that these are streaming-related positions. As a reminder, the excellent animation studio worked on to enrich the Disney+ catalog, with productions like Soul, Red Alert, orLuca.This decision comes as Pixar has also experienced several failures at the box office. We are thinking of Buzz Lightyear in 2022, or Elementary the following year.

Disney: hard blow for Pixar, the studio reviews its strategy

The studio therefore hopes to find the path to success with the upcoming release of Vice-versa 2 (June 19), a sequel in which little Riley, now a teenager, will have to deal with new emotions. This will be followed by Elio, the story of a little boy struggling to integrate into his school who finds himself ambassador of the Earth to extraterrestrial civilizations, scheduled for 2025.

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