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Northern Lights: our advice for witnessing the last lights of May 2024

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

If you missed it the northern lights which we had the right to witness at the beginning of May, it seems that you can catch up at the end of May because this celestial event could happen again again this night provided that the weather is suitable. We explain to you how and where; see this magnificent spectacle in the sky.

Northern Lights: our advice for witnessing the last dawns of May 2024

New Northern Lights expected at the end of May

A sunspot, which can also be called an active zone, is formed when the sun enters into very strong activity. This can then produce a solar storm or solar flare and eject plasma and flashes of radiation. As soon as this comes into contact with the earth's magnetic field, the northern lights are formedif you are in the Northern Hemisphere or the Northern Lights if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

During the weekend of May 11 and 12, the sunspot named AR6334 was directed towards the Earth and the latter should again direct itself towards our planet on this Friday, May 31 due to the fact that our star rotates on itself and that this spot seems to be still very active. The specialists announced that we have just entered a cycle of intense activity. solar which reproduces every 11 years.

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Where, how to see and photograph the Northern Lights?

Even if it is not certain that new Northern Lights will occur at the end of May as previously underlined Alexi Glover, the space weather coordinator at the European Space Agency, we offer to give you some advice on how to observe them if possible solar flares will cause aurora borealis.

Given that this phenomenon is particularly difficult to understand. To plan, it is not possible to give you a precise time to attend this event. this show. On the other hand, it is advisable to observe the sky at the beginning of the night, in the direction of the northern horizon and finding a place that is not not pollute by light. This means that you are more likely to observe them in the countryside than outside. the city.

Northern Lights: our advice for witnessing the last auroras of May 2024

For amateur photographers, some professionals share some advice for immortalizing this phenomenon which only occurs every 10 years in France. So, to capture more details at night, it is recommended to take your photos in long exposure with a lens aperture that is as large as possible.

If you never have the chance to see Northern Lights, we invite you to discover this magnificent spectacle from space in a video captured in 4K from the International Space Station.

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