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The Lord of the Rings: these 5 characters who had a tragic destiny (Part 2)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

The universe created by by J.R.R Tolkien takes us on a journey through destinies, each more epic than the last, but unfortunately for some, there are some that are more tragic. We already had some saw five last yearand today, we are going to look at five others just as striking.

The Lord of Rings: these 5 characters who had a tragic destiny (Part 2)

5# Elrond

The Lord of the Rings: These 5 Characters Who Had a Tragic Destiny (Part 2)

Undoubtedly one of the wisest elves in Middle-earth, Elrond is one of the central characters in the work of The Lord of the Rings, without whom the enterprise of destroying the One Ring would not have been possible.However, even if he survives and sets sail towards the Undying Lands, the father of the beautiful Arwen has a very tragic fate in many aspects. Between the choice of his brother Elros to become mortal, which means that Elrond then loses him quite young (for a half-elf) to the death of his brother Elros. at the age of 500, then his daughter Arwen, who decides to do the same to marry Aragorn and end her days in Middle-earth, the Lord of Rivendell finds himself an Elf suffering from a certain loneliness and who finds himself at a loss. go away alone west, with no more close family around him, except his in-laws Galadriel and Celeborn.

4# Treebeard

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If like Elrond, Treebeard gets out and survives the attack. all the conflicts of Middle-earth, this Ent has unfortunately seen a large part of his people die helpless in the face of violence. this tragedy.With, a long time ago, the departure for the Brown Lands of the female Ents, the latter preferring the plains to the forests, this species of which we ultimately only know the origins. They have diminished over the centuries and millennia. A non-renewal of the species which is tearing Sylvebearbe apart, the latter knowing very well that the end of his fellows is near (even if this has to be put into perspective with the vision that the Ents have of time). However, the most tragic in the life of this guardian of the Forest of Fangorn, is undoubtedly the massacre of his brothers by the fallen Istar Saruman. An event which will aim to: to unite these people of the forest, in order to go to war against the industry of the White Magician and destroy Isengard.

3# Théoden

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How to upgrade next to it of the lord of Rohan, King Théoden? Unfortunately, this Rohirrim full of courage and bravery, interpreted as &àgrave; brought to the screen by the late Bernard Hill, has a very tragic fate.After having had his mind poisoned, by Gríma Serpenttongue, faithful servant of Saruman, Théoden learns that his son is facing the troops of the White Magician and he buries Théodred with his ancestors after having found him. the reason. The king of Rohan then nearly saw Helm's Deep fall into the hands of the enemy, before leaving for the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and falling there against the Witch-King of Angmar. A tragic end after a very tormented life.

2# isildur

The Lord of the Rings: these 5 characters who had a tragic destiny (Part 2)< /p>

If there is one that everyone knows and whose destiny was of the most tragic, it is indeed Isildur son of Elendil, king of Gondor.After seeing his island of Nemenor sink beneath the waves and leave it to go to Middle-earth, Isildur saw the rise of Sauron's power on the continent until what this broke out with the War of the Last Alliance. The armies of the Lord of Darkness were then defeated during the famous Battle of Dagorlad, before the latter was cornered. and decides to take part himself. the battle. It's up to you From these events a slow descent into hell begins for Isildur. He sees one of his brothers die in battle and especially his father being killed by the hand of Sauron. Even if he manages to defeats the Dark Lord and takes the One Ring from him, he nevertheless fails to succeed. resolve to resolve destroying him because this artifact is so precious to him, and it is these choices that lead him to death. the disastrous end that we all know.An ambush during which, before being killed, he saw three of his sons die under the weapons of the orcs. Although known and recognized for having defeated Sauron, Isildur is held responsible for the survival of the forces of evil in Middle-earth.

1# Celebrimbor

The Lord of the Rings: these 5 characters who had a tragic destiny (Part 2)< /p>

Although less known by film audiences, except as the blacksmith of the Rings of Power, Celebrimbor is without any doubt the character from Middle-earth with the greatest destiny most tragic there is.Grandson of Fëanor, the creator of the Silmarils, and friend of Galadriel and Celeborn, this great elven blacksmith was tricked by Sauron, in the form of Annatar, during the Second Age . The latter playing on Celebrimbor's desire to surpass his late blacksmith master, Morgoth's servant encourages him to do so. forge the famous Rings of Power and when the elf blacksmith realizes the deception, Sauron tortures him until he is killed. which it gives the location of all the rings of dwarves and men. He will take the places of the three elven rings to the grave. Without Celebrimbor, Sauron would never have become the Dark Lord that he was. A terrible destiny for this blacksmith elf who thought he could change the world thanks to his magic. his talents.

Tell us which one tore you up the most? keep your heart out in the comments and don't miss out on discovering how the future film The Hunt for Gollum will shake up the Lord of the Rings timeline.

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