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Sony Pictures will cause controversy with this announcement to reduce costs

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May31,2024

The President of Sony Pictures,Tony Vinciquerra, wants to reduce thecosts of production. But to get there, he plans to make a decision that risks beingcontroversial.

Sony Pictures will cause controversy with this announcement to reduce costs

sony pictures wants to reduce costs production ts

Producing films and series is expensive. In fact, costs even tend to increase. increase over time, whether at because of the technologies used and the more advanced special effects, or simply by the desire to to do better than the competition. Some studios and production companies are willing to do so. take it on, but others prefer to reduce expenses.A choice which is understandable but which, we hope, will not be made at the expense of the quality of the project. productions.

The President of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a company production and distribution, has a precise idea in mind to solve the problem, to reduce costs while remaining productive.And suffice to say that this may not be unanimous, since it consists of appealing to artificial intelligence.

Sony Pictures to cause controversy with this announcement to reduce costs

artificial intelligence to reduce expenses

It was during a meeting with investors, held this Thursday in Japan, that Tony Vinciquerra spoke; clearly on his intention to appeal to AI for the future productions of Sony Interactive Entertainment, of which he is CEO.As reported byIndieWire, the man does not hide his desire to achieve this. to lower costs, and the approach has already been implemented. started :“nWe are very focused on AI. The biggest problem in filmmaking today is expenses. We will explore ways to produce films for cinema and television more efficiently, primarily using AI.”

Sony Pictures will cause controversy with this announcement to reduce costs

Obviously, the usual ethical problems However, it is difficult to judge the repercussions of such a decision at the moment. , since the President of Sony Pictures has not explained in detail how he intends to use AI

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